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Dallas Megachurch Pastor Robert Morris On Racism!

Reader kudos to this pastor for saying what he said, and for how he said it, straight with no chaser. During a sermon this past weekend, Pastor Robert Morris of Dallas’ Gateway Church — one of the largest in the country — explained how racism is partly the church problem.  This past weekend, Pastor Robert Morris shared a powerful message titled “A Lack of Understanding” where he encouraged the church to stand against the evils of racism. Must watch, your jaw will drop.  You can only imagine how the rest of the sermon went.

Check out the clip below. 

The Public Rebuking Of Le'Andria Johnson!

Reader, getting rebuked doesn't feel good at all, as I am sure we all know, but you still have to swallow it and move on. Someone needed to set the record straight before the world that what Le'Andria was engaging in on the preachers of Atlanta was not holy and unrighteous. I applaud both men for their efforts.

Anyhow, Le'Andria Johnson had taken to periscope with a pitiful and pathetic response video to Prophet Brian Carn and Pastor Donnie McClurkin, but for some unknown reason, she have removed the original video and replaced it with the one in the above link.   I'm thinking if she didn't want to be publicly rebuked, then she should not, of gone before national television publicly and said such awful things that were contrary to the Word of God. Prophet Carn and Pastor Donnie said nothing but the truth that lined up with the Word of God and they approached the situation as the Word states. Her response to what they said is one of a person who feels sorry because they know in their heart what they did was wrong and the blood of those who follow a method like hers will be on her hands.


  1. On the video, this woman along with those brothers take nothing and I mean nothing serious when it concerns the things of God. What's terrifying is that it will take something absolutely horrible in this woman's life to wake her up, Period.

    1. I'm not a "fan" of Brian Carn but he spoke the truth.
      We have too much mess going on in the church today and God is not pleased.
      People are going to start falling out in these churches.
      God is warning us.
      You either saved or you ain't!!!!!!

    2. Timezone you are right. In the first scope the one she removed she had the nerve to be saying that Donnie and Prophet Carn should be supporting her.

  2. One thing I have noticed about her recently is the piercing on her lip (I guess that what it is). If you are a pastor, you should be a role model to your congregants.

  3. She's just not dignified enough to be anybody's pastor!

    1. Anonymous if it was not for her gift of singing she wouldn't be welcome in any church. How many churches you heard of that have invited her to preach or speak?

  4. (Pastor or not) When your life is TORE UP FROM THE FLOOR, you shouldn't be selling your RACHET DIRTY LAUNDRY and FAMILY DRAMA for profit.

    Only foolish, GREEDY people do such things.
    Like some of the pastors on the preacher series.

    I feel sorry for them. Living such a shallow and empty existence.

  5. Holiness is right love you prophet Brian Carn can't nobody fight against the Word of God holiness is right Jesus has every spirit under his feet in Jesus name !!!!!!!!Jesus got up y'all! !!!!!! And he has all power in his hands !!!! # the solid rock !!!!!Jesus Christ the solid ROCK!!!!!!!! all other ground is sinking sand!!!!!!

  6. Hebrews 12:14, Make every effort..... to be holy. Without holiness there is no or fellowship with God (PS 15: 1 - 2) cf: from Life in Spirit Study Bible pg. 1969. May God help our helpness Adamic nature and begin to prune and mold us towards His will (Holiness), and likeness. IJN.

  7. She also needs to be regenerated. She's showing her fruit and it tells she's not been born again.

  8. May not agree with her method but she's getting them to at least consider Christ. I can not judge Leandria and will not judge her. She may be able to reach a particular segment that others can't. Donnie placed himself in a bad light bcause now people are talking bout his past life as a homosexual. We must be very careful to throw stones when we live in a glass house or one with an unsturdy foundation. All of our sins stinks like rotten eggs in the eyes of God. Asking God for his mercy daily.

    1. Shanna just how is she getting them to consider Christ? Please tell!

  9. The Bible tells us to pray one for another... in the prayers of the righteous availeth much. But where are the righteous? Because he said If my people that are called by my name Repent and turn from their Wicked Ways..Then will He pour out His Spirit and heal the land. You guys do know? That everyone God chose had an issue and he used their very issues for his glory. And I know through the process the Holy Spirit was grieved and disappointed. But he looked beyond our fault and saw our need. The Crown of Life. so please brothers and sisters be patient with one another for God is not through whith us yet! But we shall come forth as pure gold reflecting that "one thing that is needful"... his only begotten Son. Sing it Le'Andria " JESUS" He gave you that song for a Time such as this. Call His Name...JESUS! Because Long as You Got King Jesus you don't need nobody else. Jesus Love you and so do I


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