Never Compromise Your Faith For Fortune!

Reader, when the church won't lift up the Name of Jesus in the world the Lord will find someone who will. I Love this! Here was a kid they said wasn't big enough to make it in the NBA and look at him now. Lots of people probably thought he was crazy when he said "no thanks" to NIKE but you have to stick to what YOU feel led to do. You will have people criticize you, tell you how decisions aren't the best for you, make fun of you. Let your spirit lead you and you'll never be wrong. Don't give those people a voice. Kudos to Mr. Curry. He will continue to be blessed by sticking to his convictions.

According to the reports, Steph Curry had to make a decision to either stop writing scripture in his shoe before every game while wearing Nikes, or wear a sneaker made by a company who would support his vision. Steph Curry decided that his faith was more important that the fortune he earned from Nike, so he cancelled his deal with Nike and now wears Under Armor sneakers and they print the scripture in his shoes for him. As a believer never compromise your faith to make any deal, any situation or relationship work. God will always provide you with partners and connections who support your vision.

 I made mention of  his BOSS move by STEPH  last year.


  1. I've researched this story and found that Nike offered Mr. Curry a contract of $2.5 million. Mr. Curry's advisors declined the offer and received a larger offer from Under Armour. They gave Nike a chance to match it, which they didn't so Mr Curry joined the Under Armour camp. It was then that he decided to include scripture on one of his shoes. Personally I love the fact that he does this but it's not true that Nike refused to let him do this.

  2. That's good that Steph has that on his shoes. However, my question is: Why not include either the whole verse or at least "I can do all things through Christ" he afraid to offend people showing it is actually a bible verse. Some may take it as "I can do all things" because I AM Steph Curry.

  3. Just because someone has a bible verse written on doesn't mean he is a Christian. Most of these ballers have sold their souls for the money and fame.


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