Meet The Pastor Whose Legs Do Not Touch Ground While Ministering, For Real??

Reader many church leaders who call themselves pastors, apostles or prophets are creating new forms of liturgy these days. So there's a church in Tanzania where the pastor’s feet must not touch the ground until he finishes his preaching. And according to a Facebook user who posted it online, the able-bodied brothers in the church have to carry the pastor on their back one after the other until the end of the service.


  1. Cop has some Questions.

    Do the people in Africa even OWN BIBLES??? Or do they have their own SPECIAL VERSION that tells them to eat grass & carry the pastor?

    With all the black ministers that visit Africa every year, do they even TRY to rebuke any of this behavior???

    What happens if he has to go to bathroom?

    And Just as a side note:
    My brother and I use to play that game (Don't touch the ground) when I was 6.

    1. Of course people in the various African countries own Bibles. What you have to understand is that continent holds 1billion people alone. Nigeria for example has over 200 million people. My friend is from Nigeria and she says you have to have due diligence when choosing a church due to some people simply setting up shop to collect offerings. (This happens in the USA and Europe too)

      Now Africa as a whole is a place you actually witness more miracles and more zeal for Christ compared to those outside. Africa may be at a point were some people come to fool people but remember Waco cult and various other religious cults are American. So same question could be asked if Americans own their own Bibles or in fact anyone who is being deceived.

      What we see happening is surely people mis-using the Bible what we ultimately need to do is pray for every member of churches were they are being deceived that the Holy Spirit opens their eyes to the gospel truth and such preachers have to retreat or worship in spirit and in truth and cast their lies aside

  2. Cop, the visiting preachers can't rebuke as it would possibly interfere with the ............... MONEY.

    Gimmicks, gimmicks.

  3. People need to reminded that the Bible teaches us to test the spirits. Who is the source etc.

  4. This kinda crazines is happening all around. Here in the Caribbean there is a so called church that is being exposed as a cult even as I type. This church is alleged to fire bomb homes of past members whose eyes have been open to its cultic clutches. It is runned by a so called prophet who continues to send death threats to all who left and are leaving. He is alleged to even pray death upon them. These are the last and closings days and christian brothers and sisters every where have to make Jesus of the bible their true Lord and Saviour and seek to follow Him in spirit and in truth.


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