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Testimony Time: Dr. E. Dewey Smith Let Rickey Smiley Take Over The House Of Hope Pulpit!!

Reader Sunday October 8, 2017, Dr. E. Dewey Smith senior pastor of the House of Hope Atlanta Ga, allowed his friend and church family Comedian Rickey Smiley to grace his pulpit with an awesome testimony....plus a big plug for his new book.

Check it out below: 

Did Judge Antonin Scalia Leave This World A Better Place?

Reader, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is dead, and most in social media are celebrating. Judge Scalia was anti-science, pro-Creationism, anti-choice, anti-gay (he once compared judging gays to judging murderers), and anti-civil rights. At the end of each life those who remain should ask: Did he/she in a leadership role leave this world a better place?  It's true judge Scalia wasn't in our corner when it can to his ruling and decision making but he was a person with a family. If we learn nothing else it should be to pray for those who have died, their mourners who are living and to hold our tongues and remarks until a more appropriate time. Some folks in our community are calling his death karma. I've already seen a lot of people on social media celebrating his passing and it makes me sad, not to mention that those same people thought that HE was cruel and insensitive. I will agree many of his court decisions halted the future progress of this country and further added fuel to the fire of our current culture wars.

 So, the question that's being asked is did Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia leave this world a better place?


  1. No, he didn't. He was anti-affirmative action and very narrow minded. Almost everything that came out of Ronald Regan's presidency was bad for black people. Neither one of them left this world in a better place.

    1. Anonymous I agree and expect no tears from me. Scalia had an irrational hatred of gays and lesbians. He fought to keep laws on the books that criminalized gays and he compared gays to murderers and child molesters. He wanted all the gay people in America to be locked up. How such an irrational, freedom-hating man got to be a judge on America's highest court is beyond me.
      More recenly, he claimed that the legalizing of same-sex marriages was a sign of democracy's downfall.

      So, he was a mean, hateful man who thought that America's democracy didn't work unless straight people were free to harrass, intimidate and persecute gay people. Personally, I'm glad he's dead.

    2. I don't understand why so many people think that we should respect him and mourn because he is dead. He had zero respect for blacks, women, and other minorities while he was alive. He went so far as to say that he agreed w/ an innocent person being put to death if that person had been tried and found guilty. How loathsome is that? And his disrespect toward our President Obama was disgraceful and offensive. I hope his room is nice and hot.

  2. It is never good to speak of the dead, so I will not. However, I will say this, I am not sad, but I am rather glad. Now, this judge that has decided decision to make it so difficult for many minorities in this country will finally get judged by the one and only true JUDGE!!! The big payback!!!

  3. With Judge Scalia passing you can just hear the screams of the conservatives as Obama appoints a Supreme Court Judge. Here come the Conspiracy Theorists screaming he was killed by the democrats to take over the world for Satan! I love this stuff!

  4. I didn't follow him much. But if he was truly, and I mean truly, anti-science, pro-Creationism (a BIG ONE IN MY MIND), anti-choice, anti-gay, I see no PROBLEM with that. We need to get away from this idea of Democrat and Republican, and realize that they are all cut from the same cloth and must follow a certain agenda. Otherwise, they would end up like King and Kennedy.

  5. He was an ardent racist. No one can dispute that.

    1. Justice Scalia in my opinion​ was nothing but a bigot in a black robe on the highest bench.

  6. If these legations are in fact true....did God allow his death to happen now or was there foul play?

    1. Come on Shanna I know you don't believe that someone killed that 79 year old fat obese man?


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