Did Dr. Kelly Price Intentionally Mislead Her Fans and Followers??

Reader two days ago Ms. Kelly Price hit, Instagram and Facebook with cap and gown on to announce to the world that she is now Dr. Kelly C. Price.  Well, that is awesome, as we were just as shocked to find that she had decided to further her education by continuing on to acquire a doctorate, we were just as shocked to see her fans slam her major accomplishment. Soon after posting her accomplishments, fans started to question Ms. Price about if she,  in fact were a Doctor or if she had even attended school at all, and some folks even politely asked that she not refer to herself as a doctor at all, because in fact she was not. Fans are now asking Kelly Price to clarify and retract what she’s posted on her Instagram account.

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Honorary doctorates are special academic distinctions awarded to individuals whose personal and professional achievements over the years have made an invaluable contribution to the University, to their discipline or to society at large.

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Folks please understand that if you are a public figure or put your business in a public forum that it will be subject to scrutiny. Kelly Price is yet another gospel celebrity to engage in a bit of deceptive advertising by claiming a PhD that you essentially buy by making a donation getting life credits in return. Folks this is pure deception and a slap in the face to those that have actually put in the time and effort to earn one. Now you gladly accept the admiration and praise of the well wishers so it stands to reason that you have to understand that there will be criticism from the skeptics. It is not hating to point out the truth or expose deception. I say this because I have seen the fruit of this kind of deception and it is rotten to the core. My biggest concern is that folks will give her credibility that is underserved allowing her to deceive folks or innocently mislead them. Too many churches have so called pastors claiming credentials that they haven't earned to appear scholarly when they are anything but.


  1. A "MAJORITY" of the most popular preachers that use the title "DR" never earned a TRUE doctorate.

    They fall into three categories.

    1: They went to an UNACCREDITED diploma mill school that can't give an ACTUAL DOCTORATE.
    (Example: TD JAKES from “Friends International Christian University")

    2: They received an HONORARY DOCTORATE which means they gave money to an institution BUT NOTHING when it comes to education and knowledge.
    (Example: Benny Hinn)

    3: They just out right lied and just wanted a title.
    (Example: Juanita Bynum)

    I could EASILY list 50 other celebrity pastors and leaders
    Who could fit in any of these category's, but I would rather people not take my word, and let them do the research for themselves.

    Welcome to the UN-DOCTORATE club Mrs. Price.

    1. Well said Cop!!!!!!!!!


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