$188 Million Powerball Winner, Marie Holmes, Allegedly Being Sued by Pastor!

Reader this preacher man needs to find another job. Clearly this is not what he was called to do and I'm pretty certain he doesn't read his bible because if he did there is no way we would be reading about this. He's upset that she didn't give him the money that he was going to steal from the church. The congregation should ask him to leave and never come back. SHAME on him, he's not a pastor he's a joke. I can't believe this.

North Carolina’s $188 million Powerball lottery winner is back in the news again. This time, Holmes is not spending $21 million on bailing her boyfriend, Lamarr McDow, out-of-jail for the fourth time or harassing and threatening his side chick, but a pastor is allegedly suing her for $10 million for reneging on a verbal contract.

Like I said in a previous post she should  have never promised or agreed to give a church or a pastor one penny of her winning.  Doggone shame!


  1. Ms.Ann this pastor needs to be praying to God for a blessing for the retreat facility. God will make a way, not a lottery winner! Besides, without a signed contract, he has no claim. Where is his faith?

    1. Another example of a greedy, money-obsessed pastor putting profit before God. The members of his congregation should be outraged and he needs to be removed from the pulpit.

  2. I wish people would leave her the Hell alone. Her money, Her boyfriend , Her business. I don't recall other lottery winners being scrutinized like her. Whomever leaked her business should be ashamed.

  3. More money more problems! She's foolish I would have took me and my kids and disappeared! His crooked ass just want money a fool and her money will soon part.

  4. Now now Anonymous, I wouldn't say it like that but you are correct, lol..

  5. She has a boy friend that she has to bail out because he can't stay out of trouble,
    And now
    Her greedy PASTOR is suing for 10 million (even though he originally only asked for 2) dollars. Trying to strong arm her into giving him money.

    This WOMAN CLEARLY needs to drop EVERYBODY she has known, and start over with some new friends, a new church, and a single man that can appreciate her efforts to support him by STAYING OUT OF TROUBLE!!!

  6. She's gonna end up on that "lottery changed my life" show talking about how quickly her money disappeared. She needs to move to another state and change her Id and phone # if she ever wants to enjoy her winnings in peace.

  7. praying for her. Jesus step in please


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