Man Of God Demoted For Refusing To Wear Makeup?!?

"I'm an ordained minister. I've been preaching for 19 years ... I don’t’ want to be pretty. I just want to be a handsome man, do my job and leave." 

 Reader good for him. Barry Jones -- a married father, ordained minister and licensed esthetician -- is suing M.A.C. claiming the retailer demoted him for refusing on religious grounds to wear makeup. And to think, all this time, I always thought that the MAC male employees WANTED to wear makeup. It's a gat dayum shame, if these allegations are true that this company would FORCE any real MAN to wear lipstick and false eyelashes. Really? What is this world coming to?  I don't recall Home Depot ordering women to get crew cuts and start chewing tobacco. I hope his settlement makes MAC blush......Detroit Free Press!


  1. Expecting employees to don the company's products is neither new nor unheard of. It's a makeup store. It requires its employees to wear its makeup products, and it applies the rule in a gender neutral manner. This is dumb. What he's asking for is an exception to the policy because he's a man. Nope.

    1. I hope this successful and ambitious family man wins his case! Why should he have to wear make up to be a make up artist?

  2. I'm so glad my brother is taking stance against that mess! I remember we visted a mac center at the mall and they couldnt believe he worked at a mac stand because he was a straight man. He proved it and the girl was in utter shock.

  3. Wow that's just crazy. Why would they require a man to wear makeup considering his appearance did not suggest he was into that kind of thing. Ridiculous.

  4. An Esthetician is just a fancy name for a beautician/cosmetologist. What is a grown man doing playing with hair and make up for a living. Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's.


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