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California Become The First State In America To Legally Recognize A Third Gender!

Reader what y'all think? California Gov. Jerry Brown has signed into law legislation that recognizes a third gender option for driver’s licenses and birth certificates. Gender is no longer either male or female, according to the state of California. ‘It means that when somebody looks at my license, it’s not going to be as confusing to them.’ Gov. Jerry Brown on Sunday signed into law legislation that recognizes a third gender option for driver’s licenses and birth certificates. Starting in 2019, Californians will be able to identify themselves as not just male or female, but “nonbinary.” The bill was one of many Brown left to the last day of the Oct. 15 deadline to either sign or veto.


Lord Have Mercy, SEVEN Types Of Women Pastors Should Watch Out For In Ministry??

Reader, the following post has not set well will some women,  what are your thoughts? Is this a sneaky attack on women?

        1) The woman who wants to be your wife.
2) The woman who wants to be your mother.
3) The woman who wants to be your lover.
4) The woman who wants to be your best friend.
5) The woman you want.
6) The woman who doesn’t know what she wants.
7) The woman you work most closely with in ministry.

 Article Here:

For the lips of an adulteress drip honey, and smoother than oil is her speech.(Proverbs 4:3)


  1. It sure does sound like a sneaky attack on women. I don't understand #5...

  2. 8) The woman who wants to be a pastor or bishop.

    9) The immodest woman.

    10) The silly woman laden with sin.

    11) The feminist.

    12) The woman who would change the natural use into that which is against nature.

    13) The woman who puts too much emphasis on her outward beauty.

    14) The loud mouth ghetto type woman.

    1. My apologies for adding to the list 8-14. Personally I think 1-7 is ludicrous.

    2. Haha, Anonymous you nailed it, thanks!

    3. Ann...i thought I was so off point. I responded before I read the article.

  3. Ann my problem is not the woman,because she is also man. If you work on yourself by the power of the holy spirit,you will deal with the lust inside. Men of God,please let's stop seeing women as demons,and men as saints.

  4. When you read the actual article (not just the list posted) with the explanations of each point, the list makes sense and most women wouldn't be offended.


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