Lord Have Mercy COGIC Trying To Take Small Church Property Because Pastor Doesn’t Want To Be COGIC Anymore?!??!

Reader, The Remnant Church, a small church in Tampa FL, is now tied in limbo as part of a lawsuit all because the presiding pastor  and son of the founder of the church wanted to end their affiliation with The Church Of God In Christ. For over 20 years, The Remnant Church had been affiliated with COGIC but the pastor has decided that he wanted to take the church in a new direction. Being the presiding Pastor and son of the founder of the church, you would think that he should be able to do this without any problems. NOPE not so!
You can read about it here. 
The attorney for The Remnant Church, Michelle Whitfield says: 
“They are attacking a church that has 20-30 members with the weight of a national organization.” 

I mean… From the outside looking in, COGIC’s actions look retaliatory, vindictive, and can’t be described any other way short of bullying.


  1. Cultish ways on display...
    Try to leave and they come after YOU and all you got...

  2. The people fail for lack of knowledge.

    So why do they want to sue? I see nothing wrong if the pastor wants out of the COGIC reformation. If the members don't agree, find another COGIC church.

  3. Couldn't finish readimng the article because it is filled with so much vulgatity. However, the church is owned by COGIC, then the congregation just needs to leave that behind or they should have sought to purchase or lease the property from COGIC. Either way this should be handled privately not through a lawsuit.

    1. No local church is actually owned by COGIC. It sounds like his father probably bought the building when the church first started. Most local Cogic churches are started by the hard earned money of the founding pastor and they don't normally get a red cent from COGIC. The congregation needs to do what they are doing now by fighting that bullying bishop back!!!

    2. The church (COGIC) can sue if they want to and be within the law because the Church Of God In Christ is incorporated. Which legally allows them to own and transfer property in the name of the church. That does not mean that the church will do that But that it would be within its right to do so. But there are advantages to incorporation for parishioners as well.

  4. It's in the COGIC handbook....sad, but all property's obtained under COGIC's blanket 501c3....revert to COGIC - by the incorporation...even though COGIC didn't give a dime....smh!!!!

  5. I know plenty of COGIC Pastors and congregations who have left the denomination and took their buildings with them. Do you think Bishop Blake and West Angeles and their 60 million dollar cathedral care anything about that COGIC handbook? Trust me, the national church does not own West Angeles. Ask bishop Blake to show you his deeds LOL


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