Kenneth Copeland And Jesse Duplantis Make The Case For Not Flying Commercial Airlines.

Reader Kenneth Copeland and Jesse Duplantis has come under fire for defending their use of private jets. I read somewhere where they said they couldn't fly commercial airlines because of demons.  I wonder what's their explanation for Dr. Myles Munroe private jet bursting into flames and killing all on board? Mega pastors never cease to amaze me with their almighty attitudes.


  1. At the 3:00 minute mark did he just call anyone that flies commercial A DEMON?!?!

    This is some straight FOOLISHNESS.
    MAKES me want to turn over some tables and get out a whip.

  2. These two guys are SNAKES and SLICKSTERS (yes I DID...I touched "God's anointed" - wish get out MY WHIP too COP). They are of guile. These counterfeiters are men-pleasers and preach more to please the ear than to profit the heart. When they want to prosper, they'll prompt up visions of their own heads. Old DUDE Copeland is already boasting about how he is a billionaire and all.

    Sad thing is lots of folks fall for their okie-doke. "NOT I" says the CAT.

    The scripture Old Dude used in AMOS is grossly misapplied, and this whole private jet prank is just another ploy to justify their reason to bilk people into feeding into their greed. How LUDICRIOUS of OLD DUDES to imagine they need PRIVATE SPACE in their OWN PERSONAL jets to pray, as if God can NOT hear the inner prayers of our hearts in quietness. I guess they intentionally want to miss the tremendous opportunity they could have to minister (that’s what they call themselves) to many lost souls on commercial flights. To say flying commercially is “Demonic” is A JOKE. Dopeland and DUPANTIES know quite well they can not pass the offering plate around on these flights, and gain no benefits there. So what they do instead is spit out a BUNCH of CROCK like they did here.

    READ YOUR BIBLE FOLKS, as it is OUR ROAD MAP FOR LIVING. It gives a very good profile of these type individuals, and warns to US to JUDGE AND AVOID these psychopathic creeps.


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