Fix It Jesus: Jaden Smith The New Face Of Louis Vuitton’s SS16 Womenswear Campaign.

Reader, Bruce Jenner, "woman of the year," and now Jaden Smith "the new face of... Womenswear..." Jaden Smith is the new face of Louis Vuitton’s SS16 Womenswear Campaign reported by Smith is fulfilling his fashion destiny and taking his daring approach to apparel to Louis Vuitton.   As a woman who considers herself a woman, I'm not stupid to the fact that there are biological and physical traits that make women, women, and men, men.

If there wasn't a difference, then there would be no reason for the distinction. But seriously... What the heck is this? They couldn't find a woman to be the face of their womenswear campaign... Just like they couldn't find a woman to be "Woman of the year"?!? It's absurd!

Pray for this confused generation, pray harder for their parents!!! Jaden wants to be a girl and his sister wants to be a boy.....their parents may be celebrities, but they are just as lost.


  1. Willow Is Named after Wil Smith. Dresses like Boy..
    Jaden named after Jada Smith dresses like Girl... Ok does anyone else get this besides me? Typical Hollywood Family. Next! Lol
    Follow me and I will enlighten your mind to see what's right in front of you....

  2. Feminezation of Black males Continue.

  3. True words Me, so who will protect the black family? Black men {males} are becoming feminized in record numbers, the rest are being murdered {cops and us}and jailed.

  4. The agenda is to make males more feminine so there is no strong men left to put up a fight against whatever the homosexual agenda is.

  5. Also if you notice men clothes are looking more feminine these days. Skirts with leotards. IJS

  6. You allowed Madea to come into your homes who is a black man not only dressed as a woman but makes a mockery of church. Martin was Sha Nay Nay and you laughed at that. Then when skinny jeans came out in the young mens section, black parents bought them for their male teenage sons and didnt question it. If you expect your sons to remain men, put your money where your mouth is and refuse to financially support anything related to effeminizing a man.

    1. Amen...Personal Responsibility...I live it. A+:))

    2. I mean..."I love it"...

    3. This goes far deeper than Madea and Shenene. The Smiths raised their children to be gender benders. There have been questions surrounding the parent's sexuality so it's not shocking the kids turned out this way. Same with Magic Johnson's flamboyant son. Where did that come from? I believe homosexuality is a spirit and I do believe that it runs in families. I agree about Madea and all the other closeted homosexuals who cross dress "for laughs" (thy're really laughing at us, not the other way around). I agree about not feminizing males. But in his case the parents set their kids down this path and as they say...the apple does not fall far from the tree.

    4. Amen...where you been?


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