Family Will You Be Watching Lucifer?

Reader, he gives bad a new name, LUCIFER.  So this is up in New York and Los Angeles, and folks thank it's a game.


  1. Hopefully it'll cancel like that sorry, 666 Park Ave. that went from I believe 2012-2013. Hurricane Sandy totally destroyed the stage set, lol...

    1. Oh wow!! Really? I had no clue that happened. I definitely will not be watching this either.

  2. They keep bringing blatantly Satanic shows on...if you protest they take off. But mind you,they are gauging the public for acceptance. If this fails,there will be another in less than a year. There will be this kind of programming (literally and figuratively),whether we want to believe it or not. That industry belongs to Satan with permission from don't think it's not going to happen.

  3. The best to get shows off the air is not to watch them. If starve the networks of an audience, the shows get cancelled in
    no time. Another way to get shows off the air is targeting advertisers and alert them you will stop buying their products if they support garbage like what Fox is doing with this show tonight. So, I can find better shows to watch than watch "Lucifer."

  4. I meant to say if we as viewers starve the networks of an audience, the shows go away.

  5. iam so glad that there are so many bible reading and those with were withal to stand for GOD he comes as an angel of light.he has preachers who sees nothing wrong with church folk watching such a show perhaps he watching the show him self? wake up saints it is simple really if any man preach any other GOSPEL OTHER THAN WE GAVE YOU.RUN SAINTS OUR THE TRUE GOD will bless all you do. learn of him and you will not be fooled

  6. Absolutely not!

  7. Not watching. I guess USA just love disasterous things happening to us.


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