Dr.Larycia Hawkins Is Fighting Back Against Wheaton’s College Move To Fire Her!

Reader, does anybody believe that a black woman wearing a hijab will get a fair hearing on her tenure at Wheaton College? I've been following the latest on Wheaton College wanting to dismiss Dr. Larycia Hawkins after she wrote a Facebook post linking Muslims and Christians.

 Wheaton College professor Larycia Hawkins says she is "flummoxed and flabbergasted" by the evangelical flagship's decision to begin dismissal proceedings against her for expressing the belief that Muslims and Christians worship the same God. Speaking at a press conference in the sanctuary of First United Methodist Church at the Chicago Temple on Wednesday (Jan. 6), Hawkins reiterated that she has not wavered from the college's statement of faith. Here is the real reason for Dr. Larycia Hawkins dismissal.


  1. I know this sounds egregious to our black minds. But her firing was in order. Yes it's a predominantly white establishment...but white ain't got nothing to do with this. And to be totally honest...white ain't got nothing to do with Christianity. I believe in a GOD/MAN that walked this earth. He was so revolutionary and radical ,they had to silence HIM. Now if He's the Way,the Truth,and the LIFE,everything else is false. No matter how good it sounds,no matter how many friends u got in other religions,this CHRIST will always hold true....even your faith! Selah!

  2. The problem Wheaton had with this professor was not the hijab. It was the fact that she said that Christians and Muslims worship the same God. Wheaton's doctrine doesn't support that. I think if you are employed by a conservative Christian college and you have to sign a document that says you will follow their doctrine, you know what you are getting into. At a public university, as this article states, she would never have been fired. Church/state separation bars people getting fired for their religious beliefs. Although I agree with her, she has no leg to stand on as Wheaton is a private religious college, as this article clearly states also.


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