Calling All Churches To Help The Residents Of Flint, MI!

Reader I never thought of anyone in America having "dirty water". Bless Pastor Jamal Bryant, for responding to this desperate need. On the news the water was brown coming out of faucets....smh....this kind of stuff is beyond my understanding.


  1. The City of Flint, Michigan needs all of the assistance that they can get! The city has been declared a Disaster by the US Government so that has opened the door for more help! It`s been two years of Flint Citizens using polluted water ! Many Children, Seniors and others have become ill because of the Lead Poisoning that is a result of the Polluted Water. There has also been so much Hatred and Racism attacking the Black population of flint just because they are receiving help from Prominent Blacks, Churches and the Government! It is so sickening to read the criticism these people are receiving for something that isn't their fault. My church has sent truck loads of water to Flint and we will continue to be of assistance. Our local TV Station is also helping out plus many others are coming together to help! Remember them in Prayer, everyone !

  2. Patricia HamiltonSunday, 17 January, 2016

    Cher for the win. Today, it was announced Cher partnered with Icelandic Glacial bottled water company to donate more than 181,000 bottles to the residents of Flint, Michigan, who have found their water supplied tainted by lead contamination. Way to go Cher.

  3. Ms. Ann I'm so pissed off about this story that it brought me to tears. Flint, MI doesn't care about the residents and how sick that poisoned water is making them, because if they did, Rick Snyder and others would've tried to rectify the problem a long time ago when first alerted. I do applaud Cher for showing her support by donating bottled water to everyone affected, and I pray other celebs, along with others, who will follow suit by doing the same.


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