Bishop T.D. Jakes And The Sermon That Changed Don Lemon!

Reader awesome story.. church pastors play such a big role in people's lives. Very inspirational and challenging. We all need someone to tell us the truth.

Bishop T.D. Jakes and the sermon that changed Don Lemon


  1. So Bishop Jakes "preached a sermon" that inspired Don Lemon in his quest to become a successful journalist, but not inspire him to come out of the gay lifestyle. WOW!!!

  2. WOW…

    There are so many flaws and atrocities here, I don’t know where to begin.
    ATROCITY #1: We have an admitted homosexual (LEMON) praising a supposed Christian minister (Jakes) for Jakes changing his life. JAKES did not mention JESUS’ (the GOD of Change) name ONCE in the clip.

    ATROCITY #2: We have LEMON praising JAKES for the minister’s role for inspiring him. Jakes failed to quote ONE WORD from the INSPIRED BOOK (the BIBLE)in this clip.

    ATROCITY #3: We have Don Lemon and TD Jakes driving together in luxury and comfort, both blinded by the fact, their vehicle is full of rust, grime, dirt and corrosion. On the other hand, both of them may be aware of their participation and role so to bring about a strong delusion upon believers and unbelievers alike. A strong delusion to convince many that change and inspiration can come about outside the truth of SCRIPTURE. I’m quite sure both of them got paid pretty well for their parts of the act.

    ATROCITY #4: We have Jakes (a supposed Christian minister) involved in a discussion about lifestyle change, and never once indicated any aspect of change from the Holy Scriptures. This articulate supposed minister never sprinkled a dust of Biblical ideals of CHANGE and REPENTANCE, even though according to his Bible, REPENTANCE is the greatest need of both MAN and WOMAN KIND.

    ATROCITY #5: Then you have the HUG…The HUG, the HUG, the HUG, the prideful handshake between LEMON and JAKES. This seems to stamp with approval the idea that discussing change from sin is irrelevant and unnecessary. NOT ONCE IN THE CLIP any mention of change from the proclivity and sinful lifestyle of homosexuality. They hugged as if to say “there is a bigger message about change that should be discussed than change from sin, change through personal inspiration, self-motivation and acceptance.” HOW ARROGANT OF JAKES (or Jacqueline as Elder Carter would call him) and lil LEMON.

    WE need to close pay attention to what is being said, and what is NOT BEING SAID in this clip. This type garbage is really not that difficult to discern.

    Know the truth, and you will be able spot a LIE right away.

  3. The issue I have is that Jakes did not stop Don from praising him and redirecting the praise to God. They may have edited it out, this is what I hope was the case.


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