What Is The Role Of Pastors In Politics?

Reader some find it very challenging for a man of God to be both a politician and Pastor at the same time.  Believing that the role of the pastor is to solely feed the sheep of God with the Word of God as well as watch over their souls.  Also, believing that the responsibility of the pastor is to encourage his/her church members to pray for their public elected officials as well as vote. God-ordained pastors need to stay in their lane by preaching/teaching the powerful Word of God and stay out of politics.

The controversy and subsequent fallout from a meeting between a group of Black clergy and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump not only reignited conversations on the role of clergy in politics but also raised more questions than answers on the motive and purpose of the private gathering. Some argued it is necessary for Blacks to meet and work with political candidates of both parties. But critics questioned why the group who were dubbed on a flier publicizing the event as a “Coalition of African American Ministers” would agree to meet with a man whose xenophobic remarks about Blacks, Latinos, Muslims and callous remarks about women are well-documented. Article Here:


  1. I have no problem with pastors meeting with politicians (Obama, Clinton, Bush or anyone else) to talk about specific policy's or laws.

    But when the pastor starts to endorse or promote one person (or party) over another they have violated the 501c tax code and should have their churches status or tax free status revoked.

    ITS THE LAW!!!

    and ANY pastor that ENDORSES a person or party while claiming tax free status is knowingly breaking the law. No matter how nice and SPIRITUAL they appear to be.

    And I to would question why a group of pastors would meet with the most childish, bullying & uninformed candidate running for president.

    1. Cop I agree! There is no role in politics for pastors. I believe that is the issue with many churches. They have become political playgrounds. Pastors must Move in God's way and will with prayer and supplication.

    2. Cop, I agree with the breaking the law aspect by any pastor publicly announcing his or her endorsement of any particular political candidate... I encourage the folks I minister to, vote their conscience not my thoughts or feelings...

    3. Correct, I say make ever fetchit preacher that endorsed him, lose tax status and pay taxes.

  2. Here we go with the Trump comments again!


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