Tina Campbell, Enough Already!

Reader, enough already! This cannot be good for their marriage to keep reliving it and her husband sitting there having to endure the pain he inflicted on her must be extremely uncomfortable not to mention demoralizing. Move on Tina let the past stay in the past it's better that way.  Why, oh why is she still talking about this years after it happened?  I get that talking about it initially was part the healing and having control of how the story was told. But she's decided to stick with him and renew their vows- it's time to get the marriage back behind closed doors where it belongs and stop dredging things up - enough.

You can read how their recent appearance on Steve Harvey's talk show turned emotional as Tina revealed the moment she found out about her husband Teddy Campbell's infidelities. According to reports, the Mary Mary member, who appeared on the show with Teddy, was tipped off on what was to come from a close friend who warned her to think twice about making her marriage the primary source of her happiness via putting her career on hold.


  1. Their "reality" show has made them some fine actors. These folks will put on a face (real or not) for television just to get paid. And of course what better place than on the "Steve Harvey (cussing Christian, and adulterer) Show. Their bubble gum gospel speaks for itself, as through it, they display only a shell of the of the truth and genuineness of the Gospel. The fruit the Spirit brings in life of real believers are modesty, humility and self control. These folks seem to lack real fruit. The display of pride for all the world to see, think they so fly, "it''s the God in me" they say. Outburst of anger, immodesty, and a pity of sympathy. MARY MARY MARY...QUITE CONTRARY, CONTRARY, CONTRARY...

    1. I wont judge how she handled her situation with her husband. She did what she felt was right. I just don't understand this culture where everyone has to know all your business all the time. Sitdown your butt down somewhere.

  2. I had to stop watching Mary Mary's show for a number of reasons, but mainly because Tina runs her mouth entirely too much and her attitude is so far removed from the peace and love and teachings of Jesus Christ that I might as well have been watching The Real Housewives of Whoville!

    1. Reality Shows are a True Curse, relationships are hard enough. She wrote a book , enough is enough . Pray and keep folks out of your Business please.

  3. They are Fake not real BORN AGAIN belivers. Simply Stated. No real fruit only sour fruit. The Lord is just exposing them for who they really are. They do not represent the real Jesus who died for our sins. They represent themselves. Its time out for these type of people who claim to serve the Lord.The Lord always have a remnant of real sincere believers.

  4. It`s evident to me that she is not healed from the wound he inflicted on her! Maybe in some psychological way her decision to stay married to him, was her way of punishing him ! He would remain by her side as her husband, while she continues to Jab/bring it all back up in Public.... every chance she got! She is still hurting from the infidelity and him being by her side makes him hurt all over again too !It`s like a sick situation/game and still selfish on both of their parts! If they had gotten a divorce he would not be confronted a million times by his wife sitting by his side, still weeping in public over his indiscretion...because he would have moved on. I believe her decision to remain married to him serves as a form of punishment and embarrassment for him. It`s like she is playing a game with him to hurt him back, without doing the exact same thing to him, that he did to her ! Just my opinion !

    1. Anonymous you are so right. Here's my theory. He will continue to cheat because he's already did it more than once and with their kids Godmother. He knows she's not leaving. She doesn't want to lose him to whoever. She trying to save face but all along destroying her spirit. She's a broken woman.

  5. The only true way for her to heel her marriage is to STAY OFF OF REALITY T.V.

  6. Makes me wonder, if TINA really lives what she sings about. The irony she spits out in her silly little song:

    "I just wanna tell the truth mayne
    You're so fly, your so high
    Everybody around you trying to figure out why
    Your so cool, you win all the time
    But what they don't know is when you go home
    And get behind closed doors, man you hit the floor
    And what they can't see is your on your knees
    So the next time you get a chance tell 'em
    It's the God in me"
    They talk about sweat suit to the white tee to the Gucci and how people want to be like them.

    However, with all her appearances on TV, I never heard TINA once say she hits to the floor and went on her knees as she boasts about in this song called “ministry”. One would think that if TINA was open and transparent as she claimed to be, part of her camera life for many to witness would have been for her to share some of this devotion she claims in hew song on TV, not praying to be seen though. Instead what was seen was outrage from this woman, shooting up her husband’s car because she was full of rage and anger. Maybe she not on her knees as much as she sings about. Now she is on Steve Harvey rehearsing the incident. I didn’t see the episode, but my guess is she didn’t talk about her going on her knees before God during her trials.

    I mean…these folks are getting their fame, their fortune, and their reward, and if MARY MARY is not careful, these may be the only rewards they receive…

  7. Tina seems to be using her marital woes as her new brand. I'm not aware of any new Mary Mary music or any solo projects from Tina. So, it seems like she's milking her private woes as a way to keep her relevant and interesting in the public's eye. I would not be surprised if she does not come out with a book based on all of this at some point. As far as her husband goes, I feel no sympathy for adulterers or cheaters at all.

  8. let's face it, Negroes on reality tv are nothing but an embarrassment to all black people.

  9. yes they are a embarrassment all it is a curse yes they sold their souls if they didn"t they would not be on reality tv


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