The Systematic Castration Of The Black Preacher!

Reader, Benjamin P. Dixon a former pastor, author of God is Not a Republican and host of the Benjamin Dixon Show. Has written a very interesting article for that's getting alot of attention.

 According to the ex-pastor the black church was born in the crucible of racial oppression in the United States. The very existence of the black church and the black preacher is the direct result of an oppressed people looking to their God for justice, liberation and equality.

When it was clear that the slave master serving as pastor to his slaves was incapable of ever preaching about God through the lens of justice because he was, in fact, the oppressor, and when it was clear that he could never see God through the eyes of the Hebrew slaves because the slave master was, indeed, Pharaoh, the black preacher emerged and began preaching the gospel of liberation boldly in the face of threats, violence, lynchings and assassinations.


  1. although I get what the author is trying to get at, I still have to disagree with his premise. It seems as though he is basing this all on the assumption that the black church is based and founded to fight racial injustices and I happen to believe that although that has been a part of the black church in American history, it's not the core of what the black church has been created to do. In all actuality, the black church at it's core should be doing the same thing every other church is supposed to be doing, teaching the word of God and teaching members how to develop a personal relationship with God. That to me is first and foremost. For some reason though, people always pit the black church and the white church against one another as if we serve different Gods. We all (Christians) read from the same bible and quote the sames scriptures every Sunday so how are we so called established to do different things? The bible it's self states that a house divided can not stand and stuff like this continues to divide God's house.

    With that said, I don't agree with the ministers that met with Trump as I think they were trying to get at a money angle but hey, their members should look at them and determine if they are being fed or not. I surely wouldn't attend their church. Now I did hear a guy on the TJMS this morning who stated he was there and he wanted to hear what was being said and provide his input but that he refused to endorse Trump. I have no issues with that either. Actually, none of the ministers should have endorsed Trump (or any other candidate for that matter). Again though, just my opinion, who am I.

    1. You are so on point...A+))

  2. Patricia HamiltonSunday, 06 December, 2015

    I believe this is applicable to many pastors of every stripe. Those popular white televangelists are eerily silent about the current state of affairs...except for anything to do with Obama and LGBTQ:)
    "The true Gospel of Christ is not only a threat to sin, but it challenges the political and economic power structures that systematically commits injustices. It seeks justice and equality. It treats all humankind with dignity and respect. The true gospel of Christ does not ignore economic immorality any more than it ignores spiritual immorality.
    That gospel is a dangerous one. After all, the Pharisees did not conspire to kill Jesus until after he turned over the tables and chased the moneychangers out of the temple. Similarly, Martin Luther King, Jr., wasn’t killed until he began organizing poor white people and poor black people in a Poor People’s Campaign."

    1. Patricia, the Pharisees plotted to kill Jesus after he stated that he was the Son of God not after he knocked over the money changers. Please make sure you are correct in your summation of scripture.

    2. Ira Ayers to each his own. That's how I see it.


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