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Reader, a lot of us get caught up in the COMMERCIAL HYPE OF THE BIRTH OF JESUS and don't even know what all the other symbolism means and the incorporation of PAGAN PRACTICES.  Yesterday, Minister Louis Farrakhan took to his social media and posted the following with an overwhelming response:

Did you know that when you put your lights on, put it all over your house, put a candle in the window, and a wreath, that’s because the people worshiped the Sun? December the 21st is the shortest day of the year, so the Sun worshippers thought their god was leaving them. So they were entreating their god to come back to them, so they would burn a yule log. They lit candles. They cut the tree out of the forest. And when Constantine became a Christian from being a pagan, he substituted the worship of The Sun for the worship of The Son of God. But how do you carry out the honor and worship of Christ? Drunk? That’s part of the holiday season. Foolish? Doing unrighteous things? We have dishonored Jesus by the way we practice pagan/heathen practices as ex-slaves in the manner that we were acculturated to act. 


  1. But does that mean that that's what we're actually doing? Isn't worship is a matter of the heart? Even tithing was a pagan practice. If we banned everything that pagans used just because they used them, there'd be nothing left. God made it, they used it incorrectly. I haven't thought this through very well, so I'm just asking for clarification. Love your blog, by the way!

  2. Yes God made the whole earth and I'm not saying we should through out everything the world uses but I believe he saying to understand the meaning behind the things we do. People could say the internet is satanic but it's also been used to further the kingdom as well. People now a days tend to focus on the lights, presents and family gatherings. Nothing wrong with that but also realize where it came from. Because the Catholic Church Christianized paganism and in return Paganized Christ, it's harder for the world now to tell the what a true Christian is. I believe he's just saying know the truth and use what God gave us to further his kingdom.

  3. Hpw can you use idolotry to worship God. You can't. All throughout the old testement God punished Isreal for Baal worship. That is what Christmas is--Baal worship.

    Jerimiah chapter speaks against the Christmas tree....the bible speaks about the women weaping for Tamuz....and this is also the reason Nimrod is elaborated on in the book of Genisis in the genealogy part.

    These are all connected to the pagan practice of Christmas and Easter(which is actually another word for Ishtar)

    In the book of Revelations God talks about the Great whore (Catholic Church ) and to come out of Babylon which are the practices that the catholic church meshed with Christianity.

    So the bible is VERY clear on the practice of both Christmas and Easter and lets not forget Valentines day.. oh and let me be clear the resurrection and passover are fine but Easter is dripped in paganism.

    STUDY to shew thyself approved. God pulled me out of idolotry nearly 20 years ago.

    Oh and for you all with the heart defense. The bible says the heart is wicked beyond measure, who can know it. So dont follow your heart. .follow God

    Aldo bible says to forsake the traditions of man. Please please educate yourself and don't be afraid to follow God.

    1. I meant to say Jerimiah chapter 10...sorry

    2. Hello. I was thinking that this reference about the Catholic Church originated from Alexander Hishop's ,"The Two Babylons" (1863).

    3. It was 1853, not 1863.

    4. Well i have read two Babylonn and much of the information is correct. However, the idea of the Catholic Church being babylon did not originate with this book. You can even trace this idea back to Martin Luther back in the 1400's..it actually can go back way way further than that....so no Alexander Hissop did not father that idea..it is still older than that..Bible scholars believe the who of Babylon to be ancient pagan rome...and the catholic church was birthed out of that system...study Rev 17 and 18 and tell me what city sits on 7 hills.

  4. Every year every holiday every season, the same stories come out. At the end of the day I see it this way - the enemy will alway try to have his own version of what God has so he can fool people .

  5. Lol, I have my agreements and disagreements with Louis Farrakhan. I think he's got a lot of nerve calling out paganism in Christianity. The Nation of Islam is not even really Islam according to the many Sunni and Shiite Muslims. The difference between The Nation of Islam and Islam itself is that true Muslims do believe that Jesus is the messiah. They just don't believe in the trinity. They do not believe Jesus is God or the Son of God. The Nation of Islam believes in Master W. Fard Muhammad as messiah.

  6. Jesus was not even born in Dec 25th. .Dec 25 the the birthday of the Sun God. Jesus was born either in Spring or early fall.

    Now if there is no lie in God then why would he associate himself with a lie. That is deception. .. yall better let these pagan holidays go

    1. I meant to type was the birthday of the sun god (lower case g)

    2. The thing is, what's so sad if you explain all of that to a church or a body of believers you can expect that to be your last time preaching in front of them. I do believe this is the great falling away. Most people come to church not even knowing what the days mean. Sunday- sun worship- first day of week-nimrod. Monday-moon worship- second day of week- ishtar, eastar. Most professing christians won't look these things up and then hate you for taking there traditions away. They celebrate and have joy and are nice to people only at this time of year. But why aren't we that way all of the year. The reason this sounds so radical is because this what you get when you have centuries of pastors not telling the truth. The world hates the church and it's sad because now we have the church trying to be like the world. I also never read that book but got my info from other literary sources. Question if anyone can answer. When you reference to that scripture of the "great whore," do believe that is indeed talking about babylon or person that started the religions known as ishtar? Just a thought, trying to get better info.

  7. Thank you for your insights. Anonymous, many of us do study and, rightly or wrongly, may not come to the same conclusions as you. This does not mean we do not love the Lord as much as you do, nor does it mean we are dummies. As brothers and sisters in Christ, we should share our thoughts and insights with all longsuffering and love. Iron sharpens iron.


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