Presiding Bishop Charles Blake Is Fighting Back Against Claims He Is A 'Gay Pedophile' Who Has 'Taken Thousands Of Dollars In Kickbacks'!!

Reader, we all saw this coming. Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake has called Pastor Earl Carter to put up or shut up.  The head of the country's fifth largest Christian church has hit back at one of his own pastors by suing him for repeatedly being accused of being a gay pedophile who has received thousands of dollars in kickbacks, Daily Mail Online has learned exclusively. Bishop Charles Blake, the Los Angeles-based presiding bishop of the six-million-strong Church of God in Christ, says he has finally had enough of the charges from Pastor Earl Carter. 'Mr. Carter's misconduct is extreme, outrageous, and beyond all bounds of decency,' Blake said in newly filed court papers.

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  1. Good for bishop blake. If carter has no facts or witnesses he's treading on bad legal grounds.

    1. You seem to forget...."it was reported to me"... Elder Carter says he has witnesses who are willing to testify...

    2. In all honesty really don't believe Bishop Blake wanted to go this route but it seem like he had no other choice.

    3. Bishop Blake is one of the best men and leaders I've ever met in my life. These accusations are ludicrous.

    4. How can you make this claim despite all that Elder Carter has said? And not all are just rumors either. Blake (I refuse to call him bishop) did allow a known homosexual preach in his pulpit. Blake told Carter he would meet with him to discuss the what Blake deemed as backlash despite the good report Elder Carter gave as a result of his message. And on and on and on. Get your head out of sand holy roller and stop associating yourself with the ridiculous as your name may imply.

    5. Ann... He did not have to go this route and here's why 1) he calls himself a bishop, a high ranking official in anybody'a Christian church. As leader he should know the simple verse of taking a brother to court. He had the opportunity to do this biblically to meet Elder Carter one on one, and if no resolve was made there, he was to then take another brother to bring Elder Carter into repentance. Problem is he did not and could not correct Elder Carter because he was wrong, not Elder Carter. 2 Blake will continue to have his church and his suppporters and will continue to function in that dysfunctional organization. He will not hurt for money, prestige, power because of the passivity of a lot of the saints in leadership and in the pews. Elder Carter stands to lose a lot and has mentioned the effect this ordeal has taken on him personally and his family. Kinda like the Big Tank vs the Small Gun. Blake has so much "covering" in this mess, its not funny. He is financially more suited for a law suit. He has the backing of powerful men. If he is not gay, why play? Look at the message he is sending to his flock with this act. Jesus said while hanging on the cross, "Father forgive them for they know not what they do? Yet this man who calls himself bishop had a summon put out for Elder Carter, a little pion preacher who Blake invited to preach at their annual meeting, is suffering under the hand ofpharaoh. In the words of Elder Carter, "something ain't right here". Come quickly Lord Jesus, COME...

  2. Now Carter will not only be disenfranchised from COGIC but he'll also be bankrupt! And all because of his fragile ego an inability to control himself.

  3. Carter will lose. Blake is too big and will have the support of those in high and wicked places. Carter told the truth. I pray God will give him the victory. SKUBALLA...

  4. I pray for Elder Carter. I feel like the people who said would be a witness is going to turn against him. Most people are going to side with the Bishop. I understand Elder Carter being angry. I think maybe he should have just left COGIC. I think that would have been the best thing to do.

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