Jesus Take The Wheel Apostle David E. Taylor Under Investigation.

Reader, according to social media, Apostle David E. Taylor has spent more than $50,000 dollars out of people’s donations to transform a Mercedes into a limousine to drive guests around town. Below is just one of many video transcripts from a series of legal depositions conducted by an authorized member of the Michigan Bar Association in an active court matter in which David E. Taylor was subpoenaed to testify.

David E. Taylor Under Investigation For Criminal Charges, Spent $50,000 In Donations Upgrading Mercedes to Limousine


  1. Hello. Should we listen to both sides of the story before jumping into conclusions?

    1. Anonymous what in the "HELL" you talking about? Ain't nobody jumping to no conclusion about this lying fake apostle.....this man has been busted for taking ministry donation and using them for his own personal use.

    2. Even if he has good excuse for all of the information asked of him. He is incompetent with handling his personal affairs and daily living activities.

    3. The truth was already revealed before this deposition. The deposition simply uncovered additional evidence that David E. Taylor is a wolf in sheep's clothing, and also very unprofessional and irresponsible in his business dealings. The Michigan Bar member has no personal bias towards or against him because she has no personal ties to him. She is simply doing her job and asking him "common sense" questions that his supporters should have already asked him. Yet he ducks and dodges her questions, hides behind his right-hand assistant Michelle Brannon and makes her responsible for EVERYTHING, and speaks to the lawyer who is questioning him with contempt. Compare Taylor's evasive sarcastic behavior in these videos to the godly witness of the apostles when they were brought before Roman magistrates and kings. Were they evasive? Did they refuse to answer questions? Did they refuse to give clear answers? Did they get smart? No.

      What else do you need to see? Was the failed Superbowl prophecy not enough to convince you that he is a fraud? Do you need Jesus to physically appear to you and tell you verbatim "David E. Taylor is a false apostle"? And even if He did, would you believe Him? Jesus has already spoken from heaven, but many are not listening. No matter how much evidence God uncovers, it is never enough for people who have itching ears because their concern is not truth, but taking pleasure in lies. A person like that cannot be convinced, not even if Jesus physically appeared to them.

    4. God is allowing him to be uncovered and if you cant discern that, then you are spiritually blind ! Listen to all of the evidence against him in the Deposition and discern the condemnation on his countenance. Stop calling these Wolves/Snakes and Jackals..."Men of God" because Jesus wouldn't ! It`s all about making " Merchandise " out of whoever this Predator comes in contact with ! Read your Bibles people and stop being seduced by these clowns and actors !

  2. So Taylor
    Doesn't know who the dependents are on his taxes,

    Doesn't know how much the church pays for his home or cars,

    Doesn't know who is on the board of "HIS CHURCH",

    Doesn't know if a COURT CASE involving HIS DAUGHTER has been resolved,
    Can't predict Super Bowls (I haven't forgotten about that)

    Seems to have an ELEMENTARY use of the English language (even the prosecutor may fun of him).

    But foolish people STILL believe he can predict when Jesus is coming?!?!?!

    Oh, by the way would rather spend 50 grand to turn his Mercedes into a limo than help the poor people he ministers to.

    If anyone can support him AFTER watching this video than they are truly lost.

  3. I just pray that people eyes will open. He still have a lot of followers

  4. What tripped me out was when he said the Denver Broncos was going to beat the Seattle Hawks, woops, he said that.. lol then he corrected himself and said the Seahawks will lose to Denver in Superbowl 48. LOL.. he missed that one by 55-10, lol! Either way, what in the world is a suppose to be Prophet concerned about the Superbowl anyway! SMH...

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