It's Official,Franklin Has Now Stopped Preaching And Gone To Meddlin.

Reader here's today's dose of Christianity. Franklin Graham, son of Billy Graham (who I watch as a child growing up), not only supports Donald Trump's call for a ban on Muslim immigration but, boasts that he came up with the idea first.

Right winger Franklin Graham is in full support of Donald Trump's proposal to ban Muslims from entering the U.S., saying he proposed a similar measure early on.  Graham wrote on his Facebook page that he's said for some time "that Muslim immigration into the United States should be stopped until we can properly vet them or until the war with Islam is over." Various politicians in both political parties have criticized Trump's comments.
I'm just wondering how many Christians are going to jump on this bandwagon.


  1. Another devise, putting east vs west...makes perfect sense to me...stop all of a certain religious persuasion because of the "supposed" acts of a few...I'm sure Franklin Graham will influence many ignorant Christians and non-Christians alike to think such absurdity is okay.

    1. Huge about face for the same guy that supported the Iraq invasion in order to convert Muslims to Christianity.

  2. When Obama was elected opponents (mainly Fox News) compared him to Hitler.

    Now we have a candidate (Trump) that is LITERALLY taking a page out of Hitlers play book to help him become President.

    The fact that BOTH OF THEM are clueless as to what preempted World War 2 and how singling out Muslims is exactly how Hitler started with extermination of Jews is SHOCKINGLY ignorant.

    1. Personally, I could care less about how FOX labeled OBAMA. It has always been the push and agenda of the media to sponsor certain candidates and discredit others for a greater purpose. I don't buy into the Hitler comparison with OBAMA, but I know for a fact that as PONTUS, OBAMA has added to the decadence of this nation by his stance and support of same-sex union. Newsweek tabbed this dude as the "FIRST GAY PRESIDENT", and OBAMA proactively engaged this evil against God and society.

      I'm not sure both of them are "clueless" as to what preempted WWII. It is my opinion, that they know more than we would give them credit for, and choose to align themselves with some political agenda and ideological plan. Throughout the Bible, it is clear Satan uses those in high positions, whether in "white robes" or "white houses" to war against God and His people. He has filled the hearts of many to become murderers, liars, evil-doers, unrighteous, full of pride, and the list goes on...

    2. AND not to turn this topic into a discussion about same sex marriage or gay stuff, but it is important to note along this line Moscow's top court upheld a ban on gay pride marches in the Russian capital for the next 100 years. YET OBAMA marches with them in this country. I find this as ironic and many believe this country is godly, and countries like Russia is of Satan.

    3. Cop I notice how it's always the fundamentalist Christians saying the most offensive things when it comes to people who are different from them and do not share their religious beliefs?

    4. Not only fundamentalist Christians, but dispensational Christians who believe Bible prophecy teaching the anti-Christ will come out of the middle east. These are Christians of the Baptist, Methodist, Pentacostal, Independent, non-denominational and other persuation.


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