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Dallas Megachurch Pastor Robert Morris On Racism!

Reader kudos to this pastor for saying what he said, and for how he said it, straight with no chaser. During a sermon this past weekend, Pastor Robert Morris of Dallas’ Gateway Church — one of the largest in the country — explained how racism is partly the church problem.  This past weekend, Pastor Robert Morris shared a powerful message titled “A Lack of Understanding” where he encouraged the church to stand against the evils of racism. Must watch, your jaw will drop.  You can only imagine how the rest of the sermon went.

Check out the clip below. 

Fix It Jesus:Liberty University President Calls For Christian Campus To Become Armed!!!

Reader, as yall probably heard, the son of the late religious right leader Jerry Falwell Sr. have come under fire for pressing students to carry weapons on campus following the mass shooting in San Bernardino.
The president of Liberty University, one of the largest and most influential evangelical colleges in the United States, gave a speech Friday, to the cheers of thousands of students, encouraging everyone in the LU community to arm themselves "so we could end those Muslims before they walk in.” "Let’s teach them a lesson if they ever show up here,” he said. What are your thoughts?

I definitely agree with carrying a weapon to protect yourself but "ending those Muslims before they walked in" ....... Seriously? That's the president? That's a pretty terrible thing to say considering here in the US, the majority of terroristic acts are done by young white men. There are over 2 million law-abiding Muslims here and that's pretty insane to lump them all in one group. There are bad folks in every religion. Folk need to chill the hell out, and stop with all this hateful talk against Muslins. 


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