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Reader, Pastor Bryant says the movement needs ministers .....not hiding in sanctuaries but in the streets. He's looking for 300 soldiers to take a stand.


  1. Actually, I'd rather the pastors stay right where they are. I don't have much faith in them and don't think that the black community should be looking to them for assistance - as thier religious doctrine may prevent them from fully advocating on a broad set of issues that plague our society. What we need is to start HEAVILY participating in the political process from the county level on up to the presidential. And educating ourselves on politics and how the small local elections usually dictate a lot of what goes on in our everyday lives. So cut out the middle man (pastors) and do for yourselves. The black church needs to stick to religion & those who are interested in it. Nothing else!

  2. You didn't see the first century church trying to change Rome or how it operated. You didn't see the apostles going out trying to change a society with politics. Change starts with self not a community or society. Just think if we had a country that followed Christ the way they the early church did. We wouldn't be talking about pimp pastors, abortion, same sex marriages or outrageous killings. Politics is not the answer. The black church or church leaders for that matter is the answer. The answer is Jesus Christ. Quite frankly a name used very little within black churches in my humble opinion. All souls matter.

    1. ERIC...dude...A+))...I need to come to your church...

    2. Hey, your already there my friend. As long as we keep Christ first he will take care of his bride.

    3. Amen broyher...keep spreafimg the trtruth in these last days 9f compromise and subtle deception...

    4. All lives matter in the eyes of God!! We are all ONE in the body of Christ.


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