What You Say? Black Pastors To Trump: Our Meeting Is Not An Endorsement!

Reader, I've mentioned in this space a couple of days ago that several members of a group of prominent African-American ministers.....were scheduled to meet with Donald Trump Monday are making it clear that they have made no commitments to endorse the real estate nut.

Their public declarations of non-endorsement come after a press release from the Trump campaign announced a coalition of 100 African American religious leaders will appear with the real estate mogul shortly after the meeting to endorse him. Bishop Clarence McClendon, a Los Angeles-based minister who was invited to the Monday meeting with clergy, posted to Facebook after the Trump campaign announced the coming endorsements. 


  1. I realize that everyone is entitled to their opinion....but I am finding it hard to swallow that a Black minister can back Trump with all the horrible untrue statements that he has made...Also Trump does not run his companies by himself....he has lots of help....and he can't file bankruptcy to help him with running the US.

  2. Ummmmm, so let me get this straight... No one, invited to this meeting, knew this meeting COULD POSSIBLY LEAD TO or LOOK LIKE....ummmmm, ���� ENDORSEMENT!!!!! ���������� Okay...

    1. Bishop Paul Morton talking on CNN about it. https://www.periscope.tv/w/1MYxNWqBmvLKw

    2. If Jamal Bryant had not said anything all these Black preachers would've all showed up as willing racism shields for Donald Trump.IJS

  3. Seconds away??? And I had to laugh my ass off at that statement by that hollering and shrieking Kearney Thomas. They are all jokes. Sad.

  4. Do the right thing, Bishop Hezekiah Walker. We need someone in office who has more than business tactics. What about foreign policy affairs, social justice, equality, etc? These are important issues!!! Support those who support issues which matter to you & your house. IJS

  5. I'm just confused about this entire "meeting" foolishness. I want to know why did any of them agree to this "meeting", what do they hope to accomplish, and most importantly, what does Trump want in return. I think we need to send a message to ALL of these "pastors" letting them know that they do NOT represent black people or the black vote!! It's almost offensive to see them acting on our behalf, without our consent. The arrogance of a few pastors is what's going to really ruin the "black church"!!

  6. So if Trump invited you STRICTLY to get your endorsement

    And you Have already decided not to do so, why bother to even attend the meeting and entertain him???

    These celebrity pastors love the ride that fence.

  7. Now guess what...I said what would end up happening...the bigger picture...it affects more than just Black folk....
    I saw today on 3 Latino political groups & activist pages....2 of them are National 1 is International....this meeting & a video of Trump with Black ministers...they in shock, disbelief & now going to question working along side the Black community. We have tried so hard to get support & lock arms with our similar agendas & social rights since we are the main minorities who dwell side by side....I'm so saddened but I will work just as hard to reassure the ones I work close with that the larger Black majority & churches do not feel this way & denounce hatred.


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