We're Tired Of The Black Megachurch?

Reader, is there a disconnect between the Black church and the Black community? Some folks in Detroit seem to think so, with a church on every corner in Detroit and yet no unity or "ACCOUNTABILITY". Reader, this clip gave me goosebumps it happen this past weekend in Detroit.  The Black church is losing members and one of the reasons is that you can't pray away economic suffering and racism. The speaker said that Black churches earn $420 billion annually. If that's true, why are its members, especially in Detroit, living in poverty?

Black Church Accountability


  1. Can someone answer this question? (I know the answer,hehe...) However, I wanna see answers to this. With the issues that we have in the black community from Black Lives Matters, NAACP, New Black Panthers, to the Nation of Islam.. why isn't any of these groups, FUSSING AT THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!!!???? IF BUSH WAS IN OFFICE RIGHT NOW AS I TYPE THIS, THESE GROUPS WOULD BE ASKING FOR HIS HANGING. Ok, let me simmer down.

    1. Alan Byrd if you know the answer why in the Hell did you ask such a silly question? And what issues exactly are you referring to in the Black community that was not in some way Bush's fault? High unemployment rate under Bush was a norm.

    2. Have some respect for the owner of this blog. Why would you come here and try to divert the discussion by posing a question in the comments section that you should've posted on your Facebook page or on your own personal blog instead? You're being rude. Comment on the topic.

    3. Bush senior added over 3 billion the the U.S. deficit in his 4 years in office. Bush Jr. over 3 billion in his 8 years in office. President Obama added over 6 billion dollars to the U.S. deficit in his first 4 years in office. Enough said.

    4. Were is your proof of this lie����.

    5. Bro.Glover of course Obama had to added to the deficit to fix the Bush mess. The increase in debt in the early years of the Obama administration was largely a response to the George W. Bush administration (2008).

  2. We must hold everything and everyone Accountable, even the Black Church. It collects more money than any other Black institution. I do not hate the church. I grew up in church. There is Accountability needed. The church must past the logic test.

  3. Ms. Ann, I like N.E.D.'s method of questioning the accountability of the black church's within the communities they are based in. In all fairness though I've heard great things about Triumph Church, but there are several churches that really need to be made accountable because it doesn't make sense to have all these multimillion dollar institutions based in impoverished communities that they don't contribute to.

  4. Many of These mega churches (not just black mega churches) are so busy establishing businesses, improving the size and look of the building & doing mission trips to every part of the world, that taking care of the people directly across the street isn't even on their radar.

    Most mega churches are guilty of mis-appropriation of funds.

    How messed up is a church that owns a private jet,
    But continues to ask for money to help the homeless?

    How do they buy PASTOR a car for his anniversary,
    But have to ask for handouts to help pay for a members medical bills?

    How greedy is a church that ask for people to donate USED coats instead of using a portion of their millions to buy new ones?

    It's not a sin for churches to build structures to house the congregation, or send people on mission trips to far off lands.
    If people want to call themselves a church they should AT LEAST be spending MORE THEN half the churches money TO HELP THE PEOPLE most in need in their communities.

  5. I don't live in Detroit, but I've personally witnessed smaller less financially stable churches that do a lot of giving back to the surrounding communities here in NYC. I've seen them pay people's back rent, hire attorney's for members in a fickle, feed the hungry, provide day care services, and treat people well. I can't speak on any of the mega churches because there aren't any in my neck of the woods and I have no clue about what they do with their money. But in all my years attending church here in NYC, I've never seen a pastor with a jet, a mansion, a Rolls Royce and multiple homes.

    Things are definitely changing though as I'm noticing that a lot of churches up here are losing their good tithe paying members by the dozens. The young folks don't seem to like church and want to paint all churches as being bad. The faithful elders & mothers are either dying out or are relocating down south at astronomical rates. As a result a lot of the church's have limited resources.

    With that being said, churches should be challenged to live what they preach and be held accountable in the communities they're in. But the church is only as good as its members. If people want to see change then they have to be it.

  6. Wow..I get it now... the community of unbelievers should hold "God's Bride" accountable...I see...WOW...

    1. Using a term like "God's Bride" is suposed to do what. I think we should be clear that "church" is man made and run. God does not run a church. "God's Bride" is not confined to what happens in buildings, nor is she limited to church attendees. Anyone can amd should hold church accountable because churches are businesses that receive certain benefits for providing charitable services. Meeting in a building and collecting tithes and offerings is not charitable.

    2. DC Joe...I see...the church is man made...not the church building even though man's hands made them...the church is not confined to a building and anyone should hold the church not confined to a building accountable...churches are businesses receiving benefits for charity..people meeting in building and are collecting tithes and offerings shouldn't be held accountable even though they are 501c and receive benefits...THANKS FOR CLEARING THAT UP DC Joe...

  7. Answer, it's simply because the leaders of these churches preach a doctrine and a gospel which is not biblical. I have walked with the Lord for 20 years and when you see people paying their tithes instead of the necessities like mortgage/rent or Food, that develops a pyramid scheme. Some churches that have more of the elderly in it are taken advantage of greatly because they just like to hear the word being spoken. However back in the civil rights movement many christians just followed what was taught and preached, never studing to know the truth. And now younger people who will one day be preaching to our children and their children afterwards, will grow up with man made doctrines and preferences that were never biblical to begin with. Example- word of faith movement, prosperity gospell doctrine, the shepherding movement, ex. Think about it, Jesus sumed up the entire old testament with one verse. If we all just treated each other the way we wanted someone to treat us we would have more followers and greater community. The main thing is, is that it's not Your church. We are the bride of Christ. We are his church. Everyone. It shouldn't matter if we have 10 church buildings on one block. We all should look to Jesus Christ for our guidance. He will come back for a bride that is perfect. Case and point. If you had a friend whom had a fiancee; who had already proposed to said betrothed. And this particular fiancee was caught many times in all kinds of crime would you not try to defend him. Would it not break your heart to hear him say "but I love her and I would still take her as my bride." Well folks that's exactly what's happening right now. I would love for my king my love my savior to come back right now but I know he is looking for people that want him desperately. Not a church building, not men and women that care about treasures here on earth. But for a people that would be called his bride and would him just for him. And not for what he can give us. We as a church have been taught to seek from God all of what we want from him and not for what he wants from us. A servants heart is the way to go. However don't take my word for it but just look at the church of Corinth in 1 Corinthians and you will see the same thing that was happening then is the same thing that happening now. Sorry for this being lengthy. God bless.


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