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Is Mime Ministry Biblical?

Readers, let's talk about Mime, is it a ministry? Is it wrong to allow them to perform in the church? I grew up in a traditional black Baptist church that would not even allow children to touch the communion table unless you wanted to have a private meeting with the deacons and deaconess. Today many traditional churches are changing trying to keep their young members. They have so many new and interesting ministries.

I had someone on social media to tell me MIME is what keeping our youth in church. Now I have seen youth get up and do praise dancing and mime in the church and when the word of God is being preach and taught they leave the sanctuary or move to the back of the church on their phone texting their friends. We need to be teaching our youth what the word of God say about bringing the world in the church.

My question is what's wrong with our youth singing in the choir, working on the usher board, helping in the finance department, or teaching a youth Sunday school class? We got to get our youth back into the word of God, because if the word don’t keep them no mime dance will. So my question is, is MIME a ministry?


  1. I think mime ministry is extremely bored. it serves as a filler in the service. Its something to throw in the service to fill a service, its so unnecessary.

    1. The Church I attend sometimes use this mime expression. However. I was uncomfortable with it. I see it as entertainment and not worship. In the book of Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 , there is a time and place for everything.

    2. hey friends - no it's not ministry.It's something to entertain, and it makes some people feel good. Some find it really exciting. It has nothing to do with the gospel of Christ, or the power of his word. It feeds some folks emotions. But this doesn't glorify our Heavenly father. Now there are those who wear masks at their religious rituals all the time. Satanists love this. But why would the church imitate satanists? Why? And yet that's what's going on in the churches. It's not just unnecessary, as some on this forum have said - but it's dangerous, and will mark those who indulge as being lovers of themselves and their flesh, and not friends of Christ. TH

  2. I just don’t understand why anyone would voluntarily put on white-face anyway. If you think of the context it’s been used in film, comically, I see no reason for it to find a home in churches.

  3. I have visited churches of different denominations and\or cultures. But, what seems to stick in my memory the most is how most black churches promote or indulge in this type of worship. Whatever happened to speaking life by preaching or teaching the truth, going forth and making disciples like Jesus commanded? ‘Let there be light,’ is what God spoke. He didn’t mime the world into existence and since man was created in God’s image, shouldn’t we follow His example by speaking life to others?

  4. Are pastoral anniversaries, church anniversaries, women's day, men's day, first lady's, clubs & organizations, and a host of other rituals that go on in black churches biblical?

    1. Not just black churches...all churches. Is a lot of what happens in church biblical?

  5. Nope. Not even close... https://readychurch.wordpress.com/category/the-truth-behind-mime/

  6. In my opinion.....It`s just another form of silly church entertainment that has no real spiritual value ! Of course now days everything/anything is a "Ministry" !

  7. I'll go further, is non congregational singing ministry at all? How should we classify ministry? Is Sunday service even service at all? We need to re-evaluate our approach to ministry all together.

  8. I see that this is targeted toward Mime ministry. Have you ever set in a quiet place and worship God without saying a word. If not try it a true worshipper will automatically find themselves using their hands and facial expressions to communicate with God....so it's not about a performance but a ministry. The Pastor stands before the congregation and minister the word of God, mime ministry presents the word of God through expression. People stop looking for a performance and accept it as a time of worship. There is a message in God's word.


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