G. Craige Lewis Of EX Ministries Responds To Kirk Franklin’s Interview With The Breakfast Club.

Reader, G. Craige Lewis of EX Ministries deals with Kirk Franklin's interview with The Breakfast Club. Defining what true religion is and why Kirk's stance is not biblical.
Video Here!

Pastor G. Craige Lewis Rebukes Kirk Franklin & Charlamange tha God for Power 105.1 Breakfast Club Interview.


  1. Hi,
    I regular top blog readers, and your blog is in my one of top blog reading list, I really love and like reading your blogs! And I really liked this post as well.. All the best keep writing.

  2. Amen Pastor Lewis! I love EX Ministries!!!!Great message!!!

  3. G. Craige may take my post down off of his YouTube page - but I found an error 8 minutes and 57 seconds into his message. That he could some how cause salvation - that's unscriptural. Only God can save (that's Bible), Paul plants and Apollos waters but God gives the increase (thats scriptural too), it takes the Father to draw a person to Christ (also Biblical), no flesh shall glory in my presence. I could keep going.

    Brother Craige gave a partial definition of the word "religion". The tactic to use only that which furthers your cause without examining everything is for lack of a better word juvenile. If he would have used all the definitions he may have come to an understanding of the word "religion" as used by Brother Franklin.

    What many people fail to do is reconcile the scriptures. We take text out of context and wind up building a pretext. I can see why there are so many "Dones" now. I would challenge anyone to read the book of Matthew and see how Jesus treated his disciples, the common people, and the rulers. I would also challenge people to read the story of Stephen the first martyr and Eph 2:19-21..then reconcile it throughout Biblical history..very interesting indeed.

    1. What are you talking about?

    2. At 8 min 57 sec, He said "I am going to use Bible and word to cause conviction and possibly salvation". Explain the problem here...

    3. You don't cause salvation - you don't even cause conviction (that's the Holy Spirits job). It's just as bad as his application of the word "religion". I figured I'd get some one to try me on this one. Some one will defend what he did - which is literally non-scriptural - but if you assume his context (that he's trying to say by preaching the Word, God may cause conviction, and or salvation)...then it seems ok.

      I'm making a huge point here - because I knew someone would come to his defense. I love Brother Craige Lewis, however, using similar tools that he uses to call others false - the same can be used towards him. He even states in another video that he should be allowed a margin of error (prophets of old were not allowed any margin for error).

      He places the scriptures as the tool....but no matter how much you say - even correctly - unless God touches the heart - nothing happens....at all. I even think he thought about what he was going to say as if "i wonder should I say this" before he added and salvation. I think that was the Spirit telling him don't say that...but he did it anyway.

      I've used scripture as well stating a biblical position.... but we only tend to hear what we want to hear. If I wanted to, I could use his message and scripture to make him look like a false prophet, but I regress - as I know that he's in process just like the rest of us believers and fallible (that's why I refer to him as Brother).

      Brother Lewis has a following indeed - however, the scriptures state that His sheep know His voice and the voice of a stranger they will not answer. When we get to know Christ for ourselves - we will weigh everything that everyone says...keep what's good (because he does say some good stuff from time to time - but its like eating Brim or Shellcracker fish - they taste good but too many bones)....and throw out the rest.

      The brother has made a living off of EXing others. I'd like to just see him preach Jesus every once and a while and see what it sounds like. There's a difference between preaching Jesus and just saying it. Much of what we have learned through the years - especially in our Black Church was handed down from spiritualism and incorporated into our services (I was shocked to learn in detail Bishop Mason's background from a non-partisan historical source in Memphis...explains a lot...doesn't take away the fact that he was a believer - but there's a lot of leaven there).

      The problem.....the very problem he has with the albums title "losing my religion" ...he says religion is good...but not all religion is good. I used his statement about being able to cause salvation....to make a similar point. We need to be very careful when we say error because anyone can find error if they really want to - you may even find error in this. This is why I ultimately say that we all need the same Jesus and that we are all in process (all meaning a certain kind...believers).

    4. I even found my own error ...that should read Holy Spirit's job....not plural spirits - but someone would be ready to attack me for my typo.....process and context.

  4. I think Lewis really breaks down what I have been feeling about Kirk Franklin. While I'm seeing fellow Christians applauding him for "keeping it real", Kirk is presenting a gospel message that is shaped around, not Christ, but struggles that only through Christ he can overcome.

  5. It's a wonder that so many before us have a better grasp on the exposition of scripture. John Gill wrote this in his commentary on the entire text that Brother Lewis uses...in it's proper context. Brother Gill has never heard of Brother Lewis...because he's been deceased for over 200 years. I took the liberty to copy it.

    Gills Commentary on James 1:26-27

    "If any man among you seem to be religious,.... By his preaching, or praying, and hearing, and other external duties of religion, he is constant in the observance of; and who, upon the account of these things, "thinks himself to be a religious man", as the Vulgate Latin, Syriac, and Arabic versions render it; or is thought to be so by others:

    and bridleth not his tongue; but boasts of his works, and speaks ill of his brethren; backbites them, and hurts their names and characters, by private insinuations, and public charges without any foundation; who takes no care of what he says, but gives his tongue a liberty of speaking anything, to the injury of others, and the dishonour of God, and his ways: there seems to be an allusion to Psalm 39:1.

    But deceiveth his own heart; with his show of religion, and external performances; on which he builds his hopes of salvation; of which he is confident; and so gives himself to a loose way of talking what he pleases:

    this man's religion is vain; useless, and unprofitable to himself and others; all his preaching, praying, hearing, and attendance on the ordinances will be of no avail to him; and he, notwithstanding these, by his evil tongue, brings a scandal and reproach upon the ways of God, and doctrines of Christ."

    Matthew Henry's and several other well respected men of faith and expositors agree. Even the passage talks of bad religion. Now if Kirk is shedding this bad stuff to get to the center and the root of his relationship (by blood) and fellowship (by communion) with Christ - the title "Losing My Religion" is well suited indeed....or do we feel a need to protect the word religion? Because even the Bible - the Word of God didn't protect it. Out of the 5 times that it's used in the KJV, its only used once in the positive - the other 4 are negative connotations.

    In the end as believers we are all brothers - and to Christ this will be trivial....as Paul said...as long as Christ is preached - I don't care how they do it.....even with wrong and vicious motives. Selah...........

  6. I should have said we are all brothers and sisters :)

  7. @Prerich45: This post is not about Pastor Lewis but about how he is address the issue with Kirk Franklin!

  8. G Craige is not of God. When he speaks of his followers he says things like "My flock know my voice". He wants to be God because he has Napoleon complex due to his height. Not hard to see. And yes I have personally heard him say the quote I included.


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