What Would Jesus Say About Raising A Transgender Child?

Reader, I struggle with this, I really do. I get that there is a dysphoria there that has to be addressed. But I believe these parents are promoting their child to be transgender.  My opinion, this is bad parenting, way to young to make such a serious decision. She is the mother she is the child until she is older she should not support this. You can love your child without supporting such nonsense.

 Some of todays parents are not being parents their children are ruling them.  The mother should be honest & say since they'd already had 3 sons, she wanted another son, but she didn't get it...so she's dressed her daughter as a boy.


  1. So if her daughter thought she was a bird,
    Would her mom let her live in a tree?

    If her daughter thought she was a fish,
    Would she let her jump in the ocean?

    I can't imagine having to deal with a child that believes they are the opposite sex, but I don't think feeding into the child's belief is the right thing to do.

    Children's imaginations run wild,
    That don't understand sexuality
    And their minds are still developing to cope with reality.

    Giving your child the truth is always an option.

  2. I really do believe that GOD will hold these parents accountable, because instead of guiding and raising their children to fear the LORD, they are going off of pure "feeling", and allowing their children to live out fantasies, that go against GOD. Following JESUS will not always be easy, that's why the bible talks about picking up your cross to follow JESUS. "Transgenderism" may be a struggle for this child, but that is in no way a reason to celebrate or accept such a thing. the holyghost gives us power to flee and obtain from our lustful desires, it is our help along the way, in this life :-)

  3. What in the world is wrong with being transgender?

    Trust me, it's far more harmful to tell your child that they are wrong about who they are and that they are sinful or broken in some way than to accept them.

    It's easier to try to make them what you want them to be. But it's not right, it's not holy, and it's frankly telling the God who made them the way they are that He is wrong.

    It's the people who can't accept trans folks who are telling God he is wrong in how he made His children - not the trans folks who are being what they are.


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