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Why Didn't Tasha Cobbs Show Up For The Woman of Gospel Event In Toronto Canada Last Night? Was It About The Money?

Reader, there are two sides to every story. People have heard one side and have become the judge, the jury, and the executioner. You cannot come to a conclusion just based off of one party allegedly telling the truth-that is nonsense. 

Anyhow rumors are being put forth on social media that Tasha Cobb refused to perform last night in Canada, because the venue hosting the event didn't have all her money.   What is in the dark, always comes to light. 

Today Dr. Earl Carter Speaks Out About The Ugly Corruption In The COGIC Leadership!


Readers, some folks within the COGIC organization ain't too happy with the position Dr. Carter is taking right about now.  In his latest video which was uploaded last night ( Oct 6 ) Dr. Earl Carter isn't holding anything back, he's dropping nothing but bombs. The newly uploaded video is an eye-opener.  Dr. Earl Carter is the Doc Holiday of the pulpit. Y'all need to listen and take some notes. Set a time and watch the whole thing - you may find yourself smiling and asking a lot of questions.


  1. Cogic no longer has the morals and values that it once had. Cogic stood for something peoples recognized and respected, now we are the laughing stock of Christian. Bishop G.E.Patterson knew that Blake was the devil that is why he put him as his first assistant. Keep your enemies closer , Blake has always been the creep that he is no respect for authority . His wife only use to come to the national meetings only in election year . Now that she is the First Lady of Cogic she and his family attend everything on the saints dollars , and she has just a terrible personality . She cannot even address the peoples without a written statement . She is not Lady Louise Patterson no she is not , and clothes do not make the woman , you can have the best stylist in the world dress nice look nice but still have a nasty personality . She not there family are peoples person. Back to Blake he should be taken down but the peoples are so scared to take a stand against this new Hitler. I am not paying any more reports , no offerings , no tithes to no Cogic church . I pay my tithes were I know they will be put to good use . I am the CEO and CFO of my finances and I will take my trust fund not my hard earn cash and let those modern day black mafioso ‘s get it and swandle it . The men and women of Cogic wants titles and positions so bad they are so dam pathecic and ignorant and stupid . Cause they do not have a balanced life outside of Cogic that they are willing to do and take anything just to say I am this and that in Cogic. But gave you have you helped anybody along the way that truly needed help ??? They want to blacklist you if you stand up to these Hitlers and want to casterate you or kill you . Wake up peoples COGIC is now a CULT

  2. When I saw this I could only shake y head and wonder how many people are will go after him. He explains how church has become big business.

  3. Ahhh, God bless the late Bishop Patterson, but what about this is new? A cultish, wanna-be equated to Catholics, pyramid scheme cloaked in large rings, large crosses, and little if any Biblical principle.

    1. Your response suggests that cogic has become this way since bishop patterson passed away. Cogic has always been about large rings and crosses. The difference may be that bishop patterson's leadership kept a lot of issues at bay, but even that would have limited effect on the cogic culture. Ive always had the impression thay cogic people see themselves in a way that does not always align with reality. No organization of people has a lock on holiness and must strive for the standard, whatever that is. Unfortunately, when people see themselves as the standard, their deception and pride leads to actions the results in being exposed.

    2. On the contrary. My first sentence offers that this is nothing new.

  4. Ms. Ann Derrick Hutchins Sr. left the following comment on YouTube:

    The wrath of God will come upon this misguided preacher except he repent of these Lies , I have never spoken against the character of Bishop Blake EVER ........

    1. Im not surprised his denial. He is now sleeping in the CLOGIC camp. Its been rumored many years before this fiasco Blake's indiscretion. Elder Carter exposure of what is going on in COGIC appears to be on point.

  5. Comment From Youtube:

    I don't believe this brother would throw claims out like this if he couldn't back it up, especially with his back against the wall like it is because he is out on a limb all by himself..And when a man is all by himself on a certain cause like exposing what he calls TRUTH historically means that he has to be closer to the truth than the ones that are too afraid to speak the truth..DISSENSION IS THE NUMBER ONE CLUE THAT SOMEONE IS EXPOSING WHAT HAS TO BE TRUTH.And Earl Carter is a Dissenter from the way of business as usual in the COGIC church. Earl Carter is nothing more than a whistleblower and whistleblowers has never lied about much if anything at all simply because they don't have a reason to lie and protect whatever they are blowing the whistle on anymore...I know what he is saying has a lot of truth in it,although i dont know all of the inside business of the COGIC church because i am in no position like most other to say what goes on in the church...But i know COGIC members in my town that save up all year just to go to the convocation and sometimes they can't make it because it costs too much......Earl Carter is the man because he is BRAVE AND COURAGEOUS enough to talk openly about what most talk about privately..And truth is never met without anger...you can hate it but you will learn to love it because ALL truth comes out in GODS time...But i gotta say that 5 dollars for a bottle of water is disney world prices..DAMN!!!!...

  6. You guys on this comment section believing this lying devil are nothing but ignorant fools. This guy doesn't know Bishop Blake never spoke at his church or even came to West Angeles COGIC. Earl Carter is a womanizing devil he likes to grab women and touch them in the wrong places, he has no respect for women. And for those of you that say the COGIC use to be holy well Bishop J.D Husband member of the General Board for years under Bishop J.O Patterson and Bishop Ford died of AIDS and infected lots of young boys with AIDS at the Holy Convocation so if that's holy to you devils than I don't want to go to the ignorant church you fools go too. Everybody that knows Bishop Blakes knows he's not in it for the money nor is he gay. Earl Carter didn't say anything before about Bishop Blake and honored Bishop Blake when he was allowed to speak last year, why is he coming out now? He is making money off of Youtube off of you fools that believe everything you hear. SMH

  7. You can pretend if you want to but there is something very WRONG!!! It has been for a long time. The message was for the CHURCH. What's so sad is it was NEEDED. All those preachers who were pushing him then where are they now?? He told the TRUTH. You didn't like the DELIVERY?? MAYBE.. There was a WARNING before this but it was blew off. Then when God sends a pit bull YOU mad? He was thrown under the bus by his so called brother in Christ. The LGBT community will tear your head off about their rights & they stick TOGETHER. The devil's kingdom is NOT divided. The CHURCH is at War and you don't even see it. You're gonna wait until the homosexuals force you to marry them & threaten to sue you, kiss their lover in the sanctuary until you realize....but it will be TOO LATE you'll be like dogs on their leashes. Why?? Because how much is the preacher in the window just give him some tithes. I pray he LEAVE the COGIC been with y'all 40+ years & y'all bailed on him. Cowards & God Don't need No Coward Soldiers.

  8. Amen! that is the gospel truth!!! Yes this has been going on for years. I need to share this because I think it needs to be said, you may even have heard some of what I'm saying I was raised COGIC but as a Teenager I left for a few years and lived with my dad who was Baptist faith in Los Angeles I joined James Cleveland Youth choir and sang with the Southern Ca Community Choir in the early 70's. James Cleveland was well liked and very talented as a singer and musician. I thank god for that chance to be exposed to a real great choir. but I had noticed James at times showed in his mannerism he had some feminine ways about him. I would bet others knew this but turned their heads, just to be in the presence of his greatness. No one dared to say anything about any correction on gays in church especially James because of his status in the church. So I remained silent.. after I left the church years later I brought myself to ask a close friend a musician that also later left that church to serve at another. Most Musicians of the church have inside clicks and many are gay..It was revealed to me that James Cleveland had contracted HIV virus that later turned to Aids he later died of it. I was told that He was gay and on the down low living a unclean lifestyle along with other musicians to include Aretha Franklin Dad who was also in the closet gay that was a close friend to James Cleveland also Pastor Walter Hawkins down low gay of the love center that church was full of gays and they still are actively serving. I think it time to let that out thank you Jesus!! glad your eyes are open. Lets pray for pastor carter he and other that come forth will need our prayers and fasting for god to move quick! God bless you!


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