Testimony Time:

Readers, do you remember church testimony time? Back in my growing up days in a little church in Alabama we used to get up in church  and tell our testimonies to each other. Well, I found this testimony on my timeline it kind of reminded me of that time, long ago.  So I decided to post it here. What do you think?

 FB, I received a phone call on last Saturday from a Partner who has been supporting our Ministry very intentionally and deliberately for the past 11 months and they said they had been stirred by the Holy Spirit to do something special for me! They would not tell me exactly what it was, but they told me it would happen soon! Well on last night they surprised me with a New BMW X5!!! After, I regained consciousness and finished speaking in tongues and running around the house with my family I yet am awed as I see the fulfillment of our Phenomenal Gods Word in my life and ministry!!! Two months ago I moved my family and Ministry to Florida at the leading of the Holy Spirit and it took a Quantum Leap of Faith!!!! Not to mention the EXTRAORDINARY WARFARE that came just before, during and after the move - BUT GOD!!!!!! I am encouraged today to Stay the Course of Purpose and complete the Assignment! THANK YOU Heavenly FATHER & PARTNER (who wants to remain anonymous)!!! LUKE 6:38 - I AM A GIVER!!!


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  2. Nice car.

    The photo gives more credit and props to the BMW X5 then to God.

    Notice the HUGE BMW emblem.
    The license plate with "BISHOP".

    So why is receiving a car "BREAKING NEWS"?
    Did he "never" own a car before?
    Will he use it to drive people with no transportation to and from church?
    Would he give the same glory and honor if it were a used Honda Civic?

    May be I am just a kill joy. I just have to EXAMINE ALL THINGS.

    1. You're not a kill joy, these are crucial questions. I also noticed the huge BMW emblem and Bishop license plate. Why is he soooo happy with a car? Bishop needs to examine his heart an study his Bible more.


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