Oakland Gospel Choir Faces $500 A Day Fine!

Readers, this church has been in the community 65 years, and the gentrifiers came in and attack it. Those who love Gospel music refer to it as “joyful noise” and it is anything but quiet. “The music of the church reveals the life of the church, the enthusiasm of the church,” said Michael Right, pastor at Solid Rock Baptist Church. But the City of Oakland has a different description of it, they’re calling it a “nuisance.”

 Pleasant Grove Baptist Church in West Oakland recently received a letter from the city threatening a $500 a day fine unless it toned down its choir practice. The letter states in part, “…this activity may constitute a public nuisance.


  1. SMH how are you going to move into our neighborhood and tell us to be quiet?!

  2. The devil is a liar. Don't move by a church and you won't hear the church. The church has been there for 65 years. I am 58 years old and have attended that church along with other churches in the neighborhood. Antoich BC, True Vine BC, Saint John BC, Mingleton Temple COGIC.. Praising the Lord until Jesus comes back!!!!!!. You are out of your lane, Sir, Complainer. You should have stayed where you were. I REBUKE YOU in the name of JESUS. The word, the Praising has JESUS will continue to be A PRESENT HELP IN THE TIME OF NEED. Be Gone with YOU!!! IN THE NAME OF JESUS!!

    1. I personally would not like to live next to a church, particularly a black church which is known for its celebratory (loud) music. Don't get me wrong, I love to hear the music when I travel a good distance to enjoy it. Waking to it on a quiet Sunday morning would be another matter. The real issue is the gentrification of the once predominantly black neighborhood. Could this be the result of lost political power? Are there now only three black members on the Oakland City Council?


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