Lord Have Mercy, This Is A Shocking Magazine Cover!!

Readers, in no way, do I condone the obviously disgusting acts that Bill Cosby has been accused of doing over the past decades, however, this issue of Ebony magazine is EXTREMELY distasteful for me. I am so disappointed in a magazine that once stood for class for African Americans would bring down a show that tried so hard to do the same. Not only Bill Cosby but the innocent actors who had nothing to do with terrible actions.

Bill Cosby has a long standing history with Ebony Magazine, going back to the early days of his career. Is this latest cover disrespectful or no?

The November issue of EBONY magazine is all about the Black family, and some of our most complicated issues. It’s been one whole year since most of America learned that Bill Cosby had some very serious skeletons in his closet, and right on time for the one year anniversary, the upcoming issue of Ebony magazine plans to tackle some tough Cosby questions. A controversial cover for the November issue is already creating some buzz– a smiling Huxtable Family portrait with an overlay of smashed glass.


  1. I mean come on with all this over sensationalism of Cosby. We already know all of what's going on. Now they are hitting him on the BLACK Front of EBONY. Enough already...

  2. This makes me so sick! I will always adore this show and the attempt to completely obliterate a legacy such as this is just plain stupid.

  3. Wow. I don't agree with what he's been accused of but this is over the top. Shame on you Ebony.

  4. Dr. Huxtable didn't commit those crimes and Bill Coaby hasnt been convicted..I will continue to watch reruns, I love the Cosby Show...it's horrible how such a pivotal show is now destroyed…smh Ebony could've done something else… put the spotlight on something positive going on in black American…

  5. I know I'm gonna get dragged for this, but from an artistic point of view, I love the cover. It really drives home the seriousness of the accusations against Bill Cosby.

    Oh well...

    1. No dragging from me Mike. Thanks for the comment.

  6. What about actor Stephen Collins who played a pastor on the television show '7th Heaven', he admitted having inappropriate sexual contact with several female minors (child molestation). Nothing has been said since. His behavior is more dispicable yet not much outrage! Double standards!! Maybe the color of the skin is the deciding factor! IJS

  7. It looks to me that we've got a bunch of groupies coming out of the woodwork trying to get paid.

  8. A cold thang, Cliff, didn't do anything, don't know confuse the character, with the actor. The Cosby show was one the most positive,influential,affluential, shows in life that gave us that feel good successful "black people moment", that showed, we can do the same as other cultures, and better!! "If" Bill personally was caught up in questionable, affairs is another question, all together!!

  9. I don't like it at all... that show was a great show!!! There were other people involved in the show and they shouldn't be affected. We don't know if he did what he is accused of, we weren't there! I just think it's funny how all of sudden all these women who were "drugged" remember so damn much! This show will live in me forever and my children and my grandchildren will watch it with me so they can see that black men and women can and are professionals with class and dignity!!!


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