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More Americans Say That You Can Be Good Without God?

Reader for the first time, a majority of Americans — 56 percent — say it is possible to be a good person without a religious belief. So says new Pew Research Center data drawn from two polls conducted among about 5,000 American adults in June and July. “God is not a prerequisite for good values and morality,” Greg Smith, Pew’s associate director of research, said in a post about the findings. ” … [T]he public’s increased rejection of the idea that belief in God is necessary for morality is due, in large part, to the spike in the share of Americans who are religious ‘nones.

Is A Certificate Of Purity Biblical?

Reader, the buzz surrounding this incident does not come from the fact that two people got married and both were virgins...in which most people applaud.  But rather because Brelyn, the bride, gave her father a certificate of virginity stating that her hymen was intact and that she was a virgin.

Most people are confused as to why she needed to do this, and even more so, why she posted it on social media. Brelyn the bride presented her father with a 'certificate of purity' on her wedding day to prove she was a virgin. She gave the framed document to her proud father, who is a pastor, before tying the knot with her groom Timothy earlier this month.

 The statement on the signed certificate confirmed that her 'hymen is intact', citing a passage from the Bible that some Christians interpret as an instruction to abstain from sex until marriage. What are your thoughts?


  1. I applaud both for staying pure in this immoral society... With the Kardashians getting rich off of sex it's good to see some of our beautiful queens not bowing down to the normal of our times... Thanks for being a true inspiration for our young girls...

  2. As bizarre as this is....why her father and not her husband? IJS!

  3. It's a way of honoring her father for his teachings...

  4. As honorable as it is, I don't need a "certification" of authenticity of my daughters virginity from medical doctor.
    (seems like a bit of overkill)

    Just a simple "dad, I'm glad I waited" Will suffice.

    1. Thanks Cop, I'm having trouble with how people are idolizing her hymen and virginity more than God. It was because of her devotion to God she is pure not her hymen. It was through Jesus she found strength to save herself. God placed powerful prayer warriors around her which for some, they do not have. The message needs to be made clear that purity comes from within and being righteous and virtuous not from a physician. Through God all things are new. Yes her earthly father lead her in a blessed path but virginity is not a prize you win at a county fair it is through obedience, prayer and counsel that you can abstain from intercourse prior to marriage. The response from other not in agreement shouldn't be assumed that they are promiscuous or that they hate themselves either. Her father being in the living word should pray for those who have malicious intent, period not use her virginity to make her more valuable or suitable for Gods blessings. ALL THE GLORY IS TO GOD. That is the message, not words on a certificate or a hymen. Bless her Union.


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