Is Bishop Larry Darnell Trotter & Mildred Andrea Williams Headed To Divorce Court?

Readers, I'm surprised by this news. When a Christian marriage unravels, many questions rise to the surface. Bishop Larry Trotter got engaged to and marry his praise and worship leader Mildred Andrea Williams, December 24, 2013, without the blessing of his Facebook  family.

At that time, some of his congregation was highly upset that the bishop was so thirsty that he would marry his praise and worship leader, that they took to social media to express it.

According to latest reports, the couple is now headed for divorce. Why can't Christians stay married?


  1. So sorry to hear that he is divorcing. For some reason it really saddens me more when ministers can't stay married...

  2. If they are divorcing, it's so sad that another Christian marriage has ended in divorce.

  3. DIVORCE!!!

    Didn't they just get married?

    How do you go from tag team preaching to GET AWAY FROM ME in such a short time.

    1. Cop it was just last year that they were doing that tag team preaching thing. I don't know what went wrong.

  4. What happened to the twins he said they was having???

  5. Three failed marriages, rumors of homosexuality, and bad health. Who really is the problem.

    Then you have your Ministers on staff making a mockery of your members slander and making a mockery of them and you can't stay married.

    They saying the Bishop wife got caught in the bed with somebody at their house. But that was the roomer with the second wife that he was caught in tge bed with ricky dillard.

    Then the new wife is suppose to be beating him up. Bishop those skeletons keep falling out your closet. But your ministers and your members calling people whores. Hypocrites.

    When you allow your ministry staff to slaughter and make a mockery of your members and violate their privacy you will always be exposed. Lastly, a pastor is suppose to have ONE wife until death and then he can remarry.

    How can preach and teach on marriage and you can't stay married yourself. Who/What is tge real problem?

  6. The marriage was first postponed, their were problems back then. Why even get married.


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