Dr. R.A Vernon Demands Justice For Tamir Rice.

Readers, it's been almost a year and still no grand jury or anything...who takes that long to make a decision?  I think of this baby's mother and the agony she is going through. One year later and their "investigations" find it reasonable?!?!! It's just sickening. His life means something, god damn it! Sorry. It just upsets me so much.

This sanctioned murder needs to stop. I'm glad that Pastor R. A. Vernon won't allow them to just sweep this under the rug.  Pastor R.A. Vernon said Channel 19 showed up at their main campus during their 10:30 service to ask about the latest findings in the Tamir Rice case.

People in high places are counting on us and catching a bad case of "Justice Fatigue", but we refuse to cave-in and capitulate on this one! Keep emailing our prosecutor demanding justice! The first time I saw the shooting with an objective eye, my first thought was they shot too fast! That's what I thought the first time I saw it and a year later I feel the same way.

 I truly believe most police officers are good and risk their lives so our families can be safe, but that day those officers did some bad policing, and I've been saying it for year and I still believe it, both officers should be held accountable for that.

A child is dead too soon because they didn't do their job the right way. That's the simple polemical truth no matter who disagrees - with young black brothers killing each other in my city right now and the unrest about this case, Cleveland needs your prayers!


  1. America couldn't sink any lower than justifying the murder, by police, of a 12 year old kid playing at a park with a toy gun.

  2. What I fail to understand is why they have to shoot to kill. Are they so focused on death that they could not aim for a shoulder or a leg?

    I really wonder if many of these officers are trying to live out movie/TV cops and robber sciences or video games. No one can convince me that they ALWAYS have to kill especially if someone is running in the opposite direction or sitting unarmed.

    They want to kill.

    1. Autocorrect got me again lol. Sciences = scenes.

  3. "After they shot Tamir, lied about it, ignored him as he fought to survive, police confirmed what they truly thought about this sweet boy in the days and weeks that followed. They called him a menace, stated that he looked like a man (the photo above was taken the month before he was killed), and that he caused his own death. In all of this, they have confirmed just how truly awful they are as people."

    By the way, thanks for the photo. I don't think I've seen this one before. It puts into perspective the claim "he looked like a man" cited by many who defend this murder.



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