Fix It Jesus: Prophet Brian Carn Periscope That "A Woman Can't Be A Bishop"!

Readers, this feud between Brian Carn and Juanita Bynum have me shaking my head.  Two major forces should never have an open wrath. I pray Bishop-elect Bynum doesn't respond because the sister does have a sharp tongue.

Brian Carn periscope that "a woman can't be a bishop. And when you go from Prophetess to Bishop you demote yourself." He then walked through the text." Readers, it's a ton of hate surrounding the news that Juanita Bynum about to be ordained Bishop.


  1. Unless Bynum can respond with a scripture and verse to disprove him, there is nothing she can say.
    (And before anyone answers using the catch phrase "God used a donkey to speak to people, so he can use women" Is foolish and insulting to women.

    (Because the donkey WILL NEVER LED A CHURCH & you should "NEVER" compare any precious woman of God to a farm animal.)

    But that won't stop her from collecting ANOTHER title to add to her name.

    So She will be known as Doctor, Prophetess, Ambassador, Bishop, Juanita Bynum.
    Do you know what we call the savior of this world???

    1. Wow!!! All this fighting & arguing in the Church on if Juanita Bynum should be a Bishop... no wonder the world is at times not interested in the Church.

    2. Cop his whole concept that "Bishop is a demotion" is out right error. It proves that he doesn't have an understanding of Structure of the church. Any person (Apostle, Prophet, Pastor, Teacher or Evangelist) can operate in the office of a Bishop. The position doesn't come as a demotion, it is a work in the administration of the church. If ANY Apostle is operating in a church setting, they are operating as a Bishop. Any Prophet, any one of the Five Fold graces that are given a stewardship over a congregation for a season is operating as a Bishop.

      John, the Apostle of Jesus Christ and caretake of Jesus' mother was the Bishop of Ephesus after he came from Patmos. He needs to get in to Church history and he would find these things there.

    3. Not so much the arguing and fighting, but any story about Juanita Bynum. It's kinda like retreading an old tire. Everyone knows about Juanita and the stance people take on her. Then we pile onto the foolishness accusations and other unnecessary ingredients not conducive for godliness and growth, and get 32 responses of regurgitation. I refuse to reply and involve myself in any discussion about Juanita. The LORD judge Juanita and all of us...

    4. LOL! First of all, the church ain't even following the Bible. Titus 1:6: If any be blameless, the husband of one wife, having faithful children not accused of riot or unruly. THAT'S THE FIRST QUALIFICATION OF A PASTOR WHICH IS THE SAME AS BISHOP. LOL... HMMMMMM..... THINK AND READ YA'LL! But unfortunately satan has invaded the church itself. Somebody gotta say something, it's crazy. OH! Truth Behind Hip Hop Part 7 (Mother of all gods)

    5. I agree with you cop. I don't believe women should pastor or have a title that strictly speaks about a man and how he is qualified. We have to pray guys. I don't agree with Bishop Ellis giving out these titles like it is candy.

    6. Titles don't make a person, Juanita has a powerful anointing and she is need of much prayer coverage at all times. She is not without blemishes, but neither are we. The attack against her is great because of her calling. Bishop or not, we are to restore and build not to judge and tear down. Pray for her please. We need her in the body of Christ!

    7. I hate titles myself but I agree bishop and pastor are used in scripture interchangeably. Jesus is called the shepherd and bishop of our souls. Ok however the scripture about a bishop only having one wife. I do believe there was polygamy back then as there is now. Otherwise no divorced man could ever legitimately pastor and some denominations hold to that. There were no female pastors in the NT however there was Priscilla a prophetess and a couple of other female prophetesses and let's not forget about the Judge Deborah which was a super anointed position of spiritual and governmental authority. Look we place way too much emphasis on titles. Our particular callings and giftings which translate into ministries are all about SERVANT LEADERSHIP Jesus took the towel and washed His disciples feet. Maybe some of these titled people ought to be have some foot washing ceremonies where they wear the towel. Pastors are shepherds or undershepherds. God wanted His undershepherds to have united home fronts not one like Sarah, Hagai and Abraham. Women do not usually commit polygomy but are monogomous. Women were moving in gifts and ministries back in the NT Jesus appeared to Mary first and she went and told the others...amazing how JESUS chose first to reveal Himself to Mary simply amazing! I do not think any man can give out titles to other men. I do believe that the local church elders can and should by the laying on of hands ordain people for ministry. All these hierachael layers of church leaders is not scriptural. James the Lord's brother was the leader of the church at Jerusalem but Peter was the one Jesus called the Rock....amazing. Paul was the one bestowed upon to preach far and wide to the Gentiles and most of the NT is written by him. John was the most beloved discple but he was banned to Patmos and does not seem to have had much authority but who would argue with his gospel or his epistles he is called the apostle of love. We are all God's servants. I just want to be called Minister or Servant not all these titles. I am a servant period. If I get my doctorate why does that mean I have to be addressed as DR.? I call my pastor Pastor, some call him brother. My medical doctor is Dr. But my sister has her doctorate in education and is a principle so they call her principle or dr ....who cares? Juanita had a powerful anointing and ministry years ago I have not seen her lately she must come on TV when I am busy or sleeping. She has been through alot of purging and suffering. The problem with the bishop thing is not peculiar to the black church. It started in Roman Catholicism calling priests bishops over dioceses and I believe the Methodist do that too. Then they have archbishops and cardinals then the pope that is surely a slippery slope. I understand there are some leaders needed to manage other leaders in a big organization but that is all denominationalism which divides us anyway. Just some thoughts from the peanut gallery.

  2. My God!!!! He said that isn't a's a demotion!!!!" My God, teach this!!!!!

  3. Promotion or demotion?

    I don't believe Bynum cares either way.
    It's just another UNEARNED title for her to collect and show off.

    My issues is with the people that support Bynum as some CHAMPION FOR CHRIST.

    Bynum needs to stay out of the spot life and get her life together. Every year she does something foolish (ex: typing in tongues on Facebook, and showing a PHOTO of Jesus to churches
    Caught up in a scandal (Ex: arrested for not doing a job for which she was already paid)

    And EVERY YEAR she gets a NEW TITLE to try and validate herself.

    I don't think she can handle NOT being in the spot light.

    And if your want to be in the spot light people will watch and judge your behavior.

    1. My Gawd! Typing in tongues on Facebook!?!?

  4. "Cop his whole concept that "Bishop is a demotion" is out right error. It proves that he doesn't have an understanding of Structure of the church. Any person (Apostle, Prophet, Pastor, Teacher or Evangelist) can operate in the office of a Bishop."

    Thank you for sharing. I completely agree. I really wish people would understand the history of the church and the history of the Bible. Unfortunately, people assume that the Bible has always been around, but it does not predate the church. So, Bynum has no need to use scripture to justify her new role.

  5. I apologize for taking over this subject. But I will be stop after this one statement.

    I don't think Bynum cares about
    Male or female Bishops,
    Promotions or demotions,
    Who is making her a Bishop,
    Or whether she is qualified to hold the position.

    Done of her titles are real, they are fake, made up & she flat out lied about it(her doctorate is a lie)

    For her it's about her position, power and perception.

    "Just give me the title so I can look important."

    And just for the record.
    Anybody that has a ceremony,
    puts on a wedding dress so they can MARRY THEMSELVES is CRYING OUT FOR HELP.
    I will continue to pray for her.

    1. Once again, I agree with Cop. The woman wants glory and money. She's shown she doesn't care about the flock of God or being a servant, which is what a bishop is...A servant to the sheep. Bishop is not a title. It's a servant role in the body... NOT a title. The apostles were men of sorrows, much like Jesus. They were all martyred in the end. This is not an elevated, flashy, glorious walk, being a disciple of Christ. It's a narrow way of humility and rejection and dragging our cross, just like our Master did.

  6. She is not qualified, being that she's a woman... Not the husband of one wife. That said, she's also disqualified once being in a turbulent marriage where she was divorced and not able to rule her household well. A bishop also should have a good reputation. She doesn't meet this standard at all. She has a bad name and had brought much reproach on the name of God with her antics and making a mockery of the faith. She should be able to exhort in sound doctrine. Again... Disqualified.

    Also, Brian Carn is a false prophet and a fortune teller (a terrible one mind you) so why does anyone even entertain what he says anymore?

    The early Christians believed the Scriptures as they were written. There was no debate and loopholes. We love to, in this Americanized Churchianity, find loopholes and exceptions to rules. The Bible is very plain to understand. God did this to be fair. A simpleton can get the basics of what Jesus said from reading his teachings, if he has a heart to receive and believe. Why are we set on trying to find ways around the instructions of the Scriptures? Because we desire to fulfill the lusts of our own hearts, rather than simply be obedient.

    1. The early church did not have scriptures. At most they had portions of what is now the old testament. What we called scripture were letters to specific groups experiencing specific issues, they were not considered holy scriptures until the catholic church deemed them so.

    2. And your point... I think she said the early church believed the scriptures as they were written... You don't have a problem with that do yuu?

    3. DC Joe.... Jesus taught from the Scriptures. The Jews had no Bible, but they heard the Scriptures read aloud in the temple. There was Scripture.

    4. Yes, i do have a problem with it because we dont know how the early church believed what was available to them. We know, via the Bible, that the Jews read from something. And the Jews during the life of Jesus was not the early church.

  7. They both are false teachers and prophets.

  8. Two rotten pieces of fruit and we discuss which is least rotten.

  9. As I stated in a previous post: It amazes me how far we are removed from God's Word. Many are making excuses for that which is not biblical but man's dogma. The Bible warns about those who refuse to conform to the ways of God, everything they do and say is right in their own eyes. When speaking on context and culture, God, Jesus, nor the Apostles never tried to conform the workd to the ways of God. God expects The Church to operate the way He prescribed in His Word. (Notice I said church not secular titles or positions)... God's Word is clear on the matter, it's many who are led by their passions who refuses and ignores what's written...

    1. Are you suggesting that everything done in church is prescribed in the Bible? Also, how is the church supposed to act? God never said that Juanita Bynum cant be a bishop. Paul expressed issues with women, but I cant find one place where God prohibits women from doing something in the church.

    2. when Paul is speaking, God is speaking through HIm... we can't take some of what Paul says and ignore the rest... if that's the case throw out all of the epistles and we don't have no understanding of the Grace of God...

    3. 1 Timothy 3:15; "but in case I am delayed, I write so that you will know how one ought to conduct himself in the household of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and support of the truth."

      1 Corinthians 14:25-27; "What then shall we say, brothers and sisters? When you come together, each of you has a hymn, or a word of instruction, a revelation, a tongue or an interpretation. Everything must be done so that the church may be built up. If anyone speaks in a tongue, two—or at the most three—should speak, one at a time, and someone must interpret."

      1 Timothy 2:9-15; "Likewise also that women should adorn themselves in respectable apparel, with modesty and self-control, not with braided hair and gold or pearls or costly attire, but with what is proper for women who profess godliness—with good works. Let a woman learn quietly with all submissiveness. I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man; rather, she is to remain quiet. For Adam was formed first, then Eve;"

      11 Let the isha (wife) learn in silence in all submission.

      12 I do not allow an isha (wife) either to have teaching authority over or to have hishtaltut (domination, taking control) over [her] man, but to be in silence.

      13 For Adam was formed rishonah (first), then Chavah.

      14 And Adam was not deceived, but the isha, having been deceived, has come to be in averah (transgression)

      1 Corinthians 14:40; "But all things should be done decently and in order."

      1 Corinthians 14:26; "What then, brothers? When you come together, each one has a hymn, a lesson, a revelation, a tongue, or an interpretation. Let all things be done for building up."

      1 Timothy 3:1-2; "This is a trustworthy saying, that if a man desires Eldership, he desires a good work. And an Elder ought to be one in whom no fault is found and is the husband of one woman, is of a vigilant mind, sober, orderly, loves strangers and is a teacher;"

  10. My final comment: If Paul never wrote a word, we'd still know the grace of God and how to act as disciples of Jesus. Love the Lord..., and love your neighbor.

  11. The issue of ranking structure is a major problem in the body anyway!!! God never intended it to be a ranking structure. That's the way the Gentiles behaved according to Christ. People that have ministry gifts are just that gifts to the body to bring the whole man to the stature of Christ. If I ever pastored a church with four walls again, one of the first things I sould say is to declare that I'm only a servant - here to help YOUR fellowship, in light of that, how can I aid YOUR fellowship's spiritual vision?

  12. Bishop is not a calling. It is a desired office. The word bishop is not found in the original text.
    First Apostle
    Second Prophets
    Third Evangelist
    Fourth Preacher
    Fifth Teacher
    You cannot go from the prophetess to the bishop. This is a distinctive example of algorithmic demotion.

  13. Those are not hierachal offices the apostle is a missionary or church planter, prophets call out truth and predict the future not a position of hierarchy, evangelist travel and minister the message of salvation, no authority structure here over anyone, preacher is not the same as pastor, pastor is an undershepherd watching over the souls of his local flock, teacher is one who breaks down the word to people and instructs, corrects, encourages not a position of authority over anyone except as they instruct in the word for their students they are discipling, some of these at times overlap and one can have more than one office and or calling in the five fold but mostly a person will gravitate toward their strongest gifting or calling. So there is no hierarchy and this argument is scriptural faulty. All 12 of Jesus closest disciples were men and called apostles because they were His first church planters. However there were more after Saul and Barnable for example.


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