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Fix It Jesus,Why Millennials Are Ditching Religion For Witchcraft And Astrology!??!??!

Reader  interesting read! We have got to reach out to this generation. We have to lovingly mentor this generation. There world is way different that what some of us had. We lead by example. What happen from one generation to the next? Where did the ball get dropped? If he isn't the center of our life, walk, the way we entreat an react then how do we except Him to be theirs?!! "The psychic services industry — which includes astrology, aura reading, mediumship, tarot-card reading and palmistry, among other metaphysical services — grew 2% between 2011 and 2016. It is now worth $2 billion annually, according to industry analysis firm IBIS World".

Black Mormons On Church Racial Progress!


Readers, one of the many things I love about America is the freedom to worship under any doctrine or creed one choose.  People have the right to follow who they like but me personal I could never be a Mormon, Never!

Feeling excluded, black Mormon women ask: ‘Do they see me?’

 I'm sorry if I'm being insensitive. But, I can't take any religion seriously that teaches about magical underwear. Furthermore, I can't overlook the fact that at one time, one of the Mormon leaders taught that it is a curse to have dark skin.

Anyhow, the issue of race and diversity with the Mormon faith have bubbled up again after the church selected three white men last weekend to fill vacancies on a high-level governing body — a disappointment to many who hoped for an infusion of diversity.

 On Friday at a conference at the University of Utah, a series of panels explore the status of blacks in a religion that didn't allow men of African descent in the lay priesthood until 1978 and still has a void of black leaders. Article Here:


  1. I have to agree with you on the Mormon faith. Some of their beliefs are down right strange.

    What the Mormon church WONT TELL YOU is the only reason they allowed us cursed dark skin people to become priest is because our government had threatened to take away their tax exemption status.

    And any church that is SLOWER than our government on recognizing equal rights for people REGARDLESS of color can't be very accepting.

    1. Why would you want to be a part of an organization that dislike you because of the color of your skin? I'm totally confused by this.

    2. I don't get it! What's wrong with these Black's that want to belong to a Church that for Centuries considered them less than Human? It's like Ben Carson being a Conservative Republican.

    3. Patricia HamiltonSunday, 11 October, 2015

      I didn't know there were black Mormons.

  2. So much insanity with this cult. From the ridiculous of their history of imaginary places, the lies in their doctrine, the insanity of their founder, the weirdness wearing special underwear,...no one black or white should ever think of becoming a part of the his group.

    1. Anonymous I agree! Black Mormons, Black Republicans just CRAZY!

  3. Chrishonda JacksonSunday, 11 October, 2015

    Ann the truth is most people are part of a religion because its family tradition and actually know little about what they believe. Thanks to social media though more black folks are slowly seeing the truth behind Christianity and other religions.

  4. I'm surprise that the NY Times didn't get it. The church didn't disavow the ban. They just disavowed any reason ever given for the ban by past prophets, literature, talks etc.... I honestly don't know how people could get past being lied up until 2013. I was taught that black skin was a curse of Cain and that the curse was lifted in 1978 be revelation and even the book of Mormon itself teaches that righteousness is linked to skin color. One of the many changes in the BOM was changing things like"white and delightsome" to "pure and delightsome."

    1. Anonymous, so the church says you were cursed until 1978 and you still join? Some people are terminally stupid.

  5. I see this as more Black ignorance and stupidity. Sometimes it seems as if Black people cannot get enough of discrimination, hatred or religious fraud. Or for being the subject of compassion and acceptance by those who put them in their situation. It is as if Black people are always on their knees forgiving the oppressor for actions done, ongoing and continuous. It is as if Black people do not act react with the human trait all animals and humans have. That is, when cornered you fight back with all your might. It seems what is done first is to kneel and pray to be accepted by the oppressor and his God. Wow! Wow! Wow!

    1. So true! You have to wonder about the decision to accept a faith that openly discriminates against non-whites. What could possibly justify this for an African, American or otherwise?

    2. According to the article although most Mormons respect the fact that top leaders are chosen through divine intervention by the church president, who is considered the prophet, there's still concern over the lack of black leaders.You don't say!


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