A Coalition Of Black Pastors Is Asking People To Rise Up And Put An End To Anti-God Policies.

Readers, regardless of what these paid for hire negros say, Planned Parenthood does only a small %  of its total business in Abortion, and OVER a large % in contraception...that means that Planned Parenthood PREVENTS more abortions than they perform. Repeated studies have PROVEN that thanks to the use of Public Money, to pay for or help pay for Birth Control, over a large number of Abortions are prevented every single year.

I hope that Planned Parenthood is working on a lawsuit against these slanderers. These public lies have to stop and lawsuits are the only way to stop them other than the media doing their job and investigating the validity of information before sharing it with the public. Maybe the media should be sued.


  1. So im supposed to support them because they don't Murder as many babies as they say they do??

    That's like the slave owner saying “ I know I raped and murdered 500 of these slaves but I have about 1000 left still alive and working..that ok right”.... Come on Now

    This place is a Murder factory and Frankly MS. ANN I am shocked that you would give them any amount of credit. As far as I can tell you are really into civil matters as it relates to African Americans.

    Why would you give credit to a place who's owner, Margaret Sanger, was a Racist and Eugenicist. Her goal was to create a form of population control for black people because she thought there were too many of us. She came up with the plan in 1939, It was called the Negro Project. From there is turned into Planned Parenthood. That is why Planned Parent hood is mainly found in black neighborhoods.

    She was also a satanist. The company name before planned parent hood was Lucius (Lucifer) Trust. She was a student of Helena Blavatsky who was a satanist.

    Pls everyone study and do your research on Planned Parent Hood . They were created with the sole purpose to kill black people. So no they will never get my support

  2. Anonymous I support a woman right to chose what best for her. In my opinion there's nothing in the world wrong with the other services that is offered by planned parenthood. No I don't support the killing of a baby but I do support the other services.

    1. No disrespect intended but you literally just spoke out of both sides of your mouth.

      On one hand you said you support a womans right to choose and on the other hand you say you don't support killing babies. But if a womans right to choose means she wants to kill her baby and you support that choice then you support killing babies. Lets just keep it real.

      BUT thats not even my point. How can you be about social injustice matters for blacks yet lend your support for an organization that was created to exterminate us. Thats like suppoing black genocide.

      I don't care if the preform other services the whole goal of the founder was to kill black babies.

      If this is the case you might as well join the KKK..because thats their goal too.

      You should see the movie Maffa 21. Its about planned parenthood hood and black genocide.

    2. I don't support abolition but I do support a woman's right to choose what's best for her. If that mean she want an abolition it's her rights. If that's talking out the side of my mouth oh well it is what it is.

  3. Unreal. I cannot believe the title of this article. Read about Margaret Sanger. Satan comes as an angel of light. On the surface that clown makes everything look nice a pretty like as it does if you go to the Planned Parenthood website. But there's darkness on the inside. In their 2013-2014 annual report it said there have been 327,653 innocent shedding of blood cut off. Proverbs 6:17. And these are the one's that they document. Trust me, these numbers are altered in which I believe the numbers are way higher. Also youtube "Life Dynamics" to listen to the testimonies of former abortion employees. Planned Parenthood is sick and satanic. If the abortion thing didn't exist, then okay maybe.. but that devil Margaret Sanger didn't intend it to be that way. Also get DVD "Error of Man" www.exministries.com.

    1. Alan, why you can't believe the title of this article? These boot licking negros are bought and paid for by folks on the right. As a Christian, I stand % with Planned Parenthood. Women need access to affordable healthcare and that is what Planned Parenthood is all about. It's a woman's choice whether or not she needs to end a pregnancy. Only her and her doctor need to discuss that choice.


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