A 'church torn apart' And A Woman Is To Blame??

Reader, this is interesting to see who is being accused of being at fault for this church split. According to this article, North Heights Lutheran is a 'church torn apart.' It's interesting to point out that the interim minister is a woman who is not the senior pastor. She was probably not even in charge when the church problems arose, but has since inherited the headaches that come with it. Some people don't deal well with female clergy.


  1. This is what happens when you have women in the leadership of the church. People may not like that but name a denomination that has not fallen into apostasy as a result. Elca, Presbyterian, Episcopalian, you name it. You allowed this process to start years ago sadly, tragically, this is the fruit it has born.

    1. It's that Jezebel Spirit messing everything up!!

    2. Didn't they hire her? Maybe it is not about gender. Could it be that she is a terrible leader?

    3. @Ann... its def about gender... this is not God's design for church leadership... The Bible speaks against it on more than one occasion... when are we going to follow God's Word?

  2. Summary of the congregation's attitudes, "Everything will be Okay, we have a woman to blame."

  3. From what I can see, good riddance. I mean, what church needs racquetball courts???? Hopefully this is the start of a trend that continues - taking things back to smaller and more local churches.

  4. I would be very careful about drawing conclusions from the referenced article, which was pretty obviously fed to the reporter by folks on one side of the issue. If you read the article, no one from the opposition even chose to comment for the story believing it to be an internal church matter.

  5. I wouldn't blame one person for this mega churches demise.

    Most Mega-churches aren't equipped to handle stress in lean times.

    They build these multi-million dollar churches with over the top amenities (basketball courts, recording studios, Aquariums)off the tithing of the masses.

    Then when attendance starts to wane having a fish fry or a bake sale wouldn't keep the lights on.
    And like this church there ONLY SOURCE of income is the people that give. So they ask the people to increase their tithing 1% every year until everyone is tithing 20%.

    A couple of solutions that I can come up with (cause you know I always got solutions 😏)
    Stop giving the pastor a housing parsonage.
    Let them pay for their own house.

    Reduce the pastors salary.
    If pastor REALLY cares more about spreading the gospel than living like a movie star, they'll preach WITHOUT the 6 figure salary.

    Teach the people (both leaders & members) to be CONTENT.
    Philippians 4:11-12

  6. 1. The interim pastor was appointed by the board of elders.
    2. Tonight we tried for the second or third time to vote on the removal of the current board of elders and to sever the relationship with the current interim pastor, but we were told we could not vote on this matter.
    Things are not as black and white as you may think. You would think it would be very simple, but it is not.
    And shame on the pastor and church staff that took our problems to a secular newspaper.

  7. I'm a long-term member (19 years) of the church. The root of all this is fairly straight-forward: a long-time associate pastor questioned the ethics of a interim pastor holding the interim position while campaigning for the full-time senior pastor role (this is something the LCMS does not allow). She then made allegations of discrimination, claiming the associate pastor made a statement about women not being able to do the duties or senior pastor. Let me note that witnesses to this conversation fall on the side of the associate pastor. Currently, roughly 900-1000 members of the 1500 member church are attending service with the associate pastor in a ballroom at a nearby hotel each Sunday. That should tell you something. Something else that you might consider: if you were the interim pastor, would you consider to strive for the senior pastor position, knowing the divide it has caused? Shouldn't the good of the church come ahead of your personal ambitions? Lastly: the interim pastor has a history of division and was removed from her two previous churches for false accusations. If you bother reading the newspaper article, you'll never get the viewpoint from "the other side" as they refused to comment/participate for the story.. so as a result, you are only getting the story from the side of the interim pastor. If you bother reading the comment section at the end of the article, you'll find quite a bit of information (from members such as myself) that contradicts the information in this one-sided story.

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    2. I guess folks don't understand what the title "Interim pastor" means... I see this going on a lot in the Baptist Churches...

  8. Looking at the Attendance at the Hotel Church published in their web site shows attendance around 700- to 800 not 900 to 1,000. I am very saddened by everyone's behaviour, the whole situation is a mess. Again it shows us that people are the problem, the attendance at church has been declining starting with Bob Cottingham in 2005 timeframe. I go to church to get away from the bad things and get a refresh for the week. Everyone that has been engaged with any of this mess should look in the mirror as your day of reckoning will come.


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