Why Were These VESTMENTS Not Recognized By Pope Francis?

Reader's the following is from my timeline:
Where were all these "important, anointed, exalted, enthroned NEGROES" when the Pope's plane landed? they were MIA I turned to CNN and I didn't see them at the White House marching in on the South Lawn behind the Pope and his entourage? What is going on? I thought His Grace Bishop Neil Ellis had territory jurisdiction in America? I thought these bishops had dominion?? Rest here:


  1. Well the issue is that all of those bishops are Protestant and as Protestant believers we do not take marching orders from nor do we revere the pope as our spirtual leader. In fact most bible believing Protestants consider Catholicism to be an occult

    1. Why would protestant ministers want to resemble a Catholic priest when they often have serious differences in doctrine; especially with female ministers/bishops? Also with confession doctrine that is often associated with the collar (for Catholics)?

  2. I guess I am trying to understand a few things. One, why is it necessary for Bishop Jakes to say by the way My wife and I tried to represent our faith, church, and country with dignity. To me that comes off so thirsty and arrogant. If you are already a recognized world leader then why would you have to put that statement in there. It comes off as a slick, and self serving. The second thing is these men in the photo are waring various degrees of catholic garb. Why would you borrow from the catholic church their garb and yet reject their doctrine? The fundamental differences are huge. Black folk are so psychologically screwed up. We keep snatching from everyones culture, yet rejecting our own. This is stupid to me. I wonder if these men appeared before the Pope in these Catholic robes what would be his response?


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