Pope Francis Smacks Christian Churches: “If You Don’t Help the Poor and Needy, then Pay Taxes Like a Business.”

Readers, this is a doggone shame that a Catholic pope has to school Christians on Christianity. With Pope Francis coming to the United States in just a little over a week away, he has sent a very clear message to churches that use their tax-exempt status as a way to exploit their property for economic gain. Some churches are refusing to accept refugees into the buildings they own, instead preferring to use it to make money on rentals. Source:


  1. Yes. Yes. And sure your right! Church is supposedly a nonprofit yet leaders are driving Bentleys, living in mansion and treating the church like it's their family's kingdom. #It'sObvious

  2. I am going to go a step further. Any church that . . . .

    owns rental property

    Pays their pastor more than their states teachers

    Who's Pastor owns a jet paid for by the church

    Can send people to witness & feed people in Africa, but haven't talk to the poor across the street from the church.

    And if your pastor drives a Bentley


    1. Tax any church that feels the need to enter the political arena also.

    2. Ann nonsense. Any 'true church' has an obligation to be involved in the political arena. I don't belong to any religion btw.

    3. So Anonymous, what constitutes a 'true church'? If a preacher is endorsing candidates from the pulpit, they should be taxed in my opinion.

  3. Amen COP. I totally agree.

  4. All cable tv preachers should be taxed 90% if they live in mansions and have private jets.

  5. Gasp! ...He's calling out the Religious Pharisees that fly around in helicopters from mega church to mega church in the name of "salvation"! This is akin to Jesus driving the vendors out of the Temple Square! I've never heard of a cleric take such a bold stance before? Kudos to our Pope! Now if we could only get Corporations to pay taxes!


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