Jesus Take The Wheel: Harlem Preacher Sparks Debate On Pastors Having Tattoos??

Readers, a Harlem pastor's appearance on the reality show, "Black Ink Crew," sparked an online debate as to whether it is appropriate for a man of God to get a tattoo. Rev. Michael Walrond, 44, was shown getting inked up on camera by the show's cast member, Dutchess, inside his church, First Corinthian Baptist.  


  1. Like I stated in another board: I'd rather have my pastor get a tattoo than have sexual relationships with either male or female members of the church. Or do drugs or drink to excess. He or she can have all the tats they want as long as the monies collected is used for the church and not to buy him a fancy car every year or an airplane. With some churches kicking older members and struggling mothers off the church rolls because they haven't paid their tithes I think His members should more concerned about whether he's doing God's work rather than if he's getting a tattoo.

  2. Some of this stuff is really not that difficult. Reference the passage Leviticus 19:28 "Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the LORD.". The whole idea for this command was to make the nation a holy nation, different from the nations surrounding them. It was a practice the pagan nations would "mark print marks upon their bodies". The LORD wants us to be holy, and not follow the practices of the world. TATS were addressed in the passage referenced. Some would seek to rationalize this "world stuff" using television as an example, and even with TV, Scriptures admonishes us to guard our hearts from those things we see. We should sacrifice to do what is right and pray God gives us discernment and wisdom to honor Him in all we do...


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