If You Scared Say You Scared: Justice Or Else Is Not A March!

Reader's according to the honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan latest post. Justice Or Else, is not a march, but a gathering of those who are not scared and are sober minded, plus serious about placing a demand on the United States government and putting power behind that demand to force the government to give us what we deserve.

This is not a march, but a gathering of those who understand that freedom has never been obtained without the loss of life and who step forward willing to give whatever sacrifice that the time and the God of this time demands. We are certain that God would not bring us out to slaughter but He does require that we take the ultimate stand in order that He may show his power. We recognize that there comes a time in the life of all suffering people where there must be a willingness to lay down their lives for the cause of freedom and a future.


  1. I'm a bit concerned about the "Or Else" part.

    By the way Ms Ann, please change the site layout back...PLEASE!!! :)

    1. Yeah, someone should probably ask him "What exactly is included in 'or else' sir?" Is there a time table for when justice ends and "or else" will begin? Is there a blueprint or predetermined plan for "or else"? Is there a contingency plan for "or else" in case it falls through? lol

    2. Mike what is it exactly that you don't like about the new look? Maybe I can fix it. The other template was giving me problems... I think someone tried to hacked it.

    3. Someone tried to hack it??? Well dang...

  2. I like this new layout.

  3. No one will ask the "minister" about the "Or Else" part. Black folks will be intrigued by the theme "Justice or ELSE", and be moved by this dude's charisma to pour into them the truth, the faux truth, and nothing but the faux truth. It's been mentioned all over this site, the truth about the minister. Somehow or another, he keeps coming back, kinda like a bad cold...

  4. You are right Ann. We should not be SCARED....BUT.....we should FEAR...(the LORD that is)....LOL...


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