Fix It Jesus: Selma Man Arrested After Shooting 3 People During Church Service!

Reader's a Selma man has been taken into custody and charged after officials say he shot his girlfriend, infant and a pastor, during a church service on Sunday. Investigators say that witnesses recall around 10:25 a.m. James Junior Minter, 26, went inside the Oasis Tabernacle Church located on the 3700 block of Water Avenue and sat between the victim and the child. Shortly after Minter pulled out a gun and began shooting. Source Here:


  1. This is awful. What did he find out about the gf and pastor to make him do this? Or was he just gone of the deep end?

    1. I live here in Selma where this shooting happened. The pastor was trying to protect the young lady. I am still in disbelief... we have had a lot of things go on here dealing with violence but we've never had something so devastating as someone going into a church shooting let alone shooting his own child. Im praying for my city and this country as a whole.

  2. Respect for the church is long gone! The church was supposed to be safe and sacred! At the same time the fear of God was supposed to make you treat it as such! Now folks even with church titles don't give a damn what they do in there, Rob, kill, screw and do all things unholy right there up in it! It's extremely sad and disappointing! And FYI I'm not saying ALL people treat it as such!
    My prayers go out to those injured physically and those who may be questioning their faith right now! Again this is very sad!


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