Did You Sow Your Thousand Dollar Seed Today, So That Bishop-elect Marvin Winans, And Congregation Can Move Into Their New Building?

Reader's Bishop Marvin Winans held this Sunday morning one of many vision services at Perfecting Church in Detroit MI.  Bishop-elect Winans took to social media this week to solicited donations to help speed up the long-delayed completion of the Perfecting Church’s future home, a 5,000-seat mega-church on Woodward Avenue just north of 7 Mile Road.

Construction started roughly ten years ago. Since then, the work has lagged, stalled and stopped cold when the money ran out. But now according to rumors work has started again, and the pastor is asking folks for a measly $1000,00 seed. Facebook: 


  1. So they have been working on and off with constructing this building for TEN YEARS???

    And after ten years they STILL NEED MORE MONEY to help get it started (again)???

    Either he needs to drop the construction management team and hire a different group to help cut cost
    just give up on the project all together until you get your stuff together.

    And if I give up $1000 dollars I want to see the plans, a break down of cost, & part owner ship of the sanctuary.

    1. John The RevelatorMonday, 21 September, 2015

      Cop pastors are the only people who ask others to invest in real estate property without you getting anything in return. No logical common sense person would invest money into someone's else's business without some type of ownership or residual. Marvin is rich. We don't see Other rich people begging!!! It's just the preacher man.

  2. So him need money to build a bigger church what about all these poor people who does not have a place to stay or food to eat...Jesus preached the gospel on the street, every where....Lord have mercy smh.

  3. "Sow a seed" into your own family, community and neighborhood. We don't need any more new church buildings. Besides, he can probably self fund his own building.


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