Tiquila Wilson Of BET's Sunday Best Season 7 Contestant Apologizes To The Body Of Christ!

Readers, remember Sunday Best contestant Tiquila Wilson who was eliminated from the show, earlier in the month, in which the show policy indicates contestant(s) once eliminated must leave the hotel premises? 

Well, Tiquila failed to do as policy stated and wanted to stay longer for the recording of the remaining contestants, which didn't end well. Anyhow, Ms. Wilson has issued a heartfelt apology to the Christian community asking for forgiveness for showing bad behavior.  Rumors have it that if she had not apology she would've been blackballed by the gospel elite and regulated to singing in the local church assembly only.  

To the Body of Christ, BET Network, Sunday’s Best Producers, Staff and Contestants and Family, Friends and Supporters I want to take this opportunity to publicly apologize for anything I have done as a Christian and new artist to bring shame and embarrassment to the Body of Christ and the BET Network and to my name. God has blessed me with a great gift and opportunity, both of which have changed my life. When invited back to Sunday’s Best All-Star Season I faced this second chance with some fear and feelings of unpreparedness, yet I attempted to overcome all of my personal insecurities and to pursue this open door. I admit in many ways I felt unprepared, not because of a lack of desire for ministry or for success but to come from a background of challenge and to be thrust into the spotlight is a lot. I admit at times I felt overwhelmed. I honestly believe that shows like Sunday’s Best should also include serious sessions on how to handle what this level of attention can do to a person, it’s not just glamour, it requires a level of maturity that I admit I didn’t sometimes display. Spiritual and emotional idol1Development, the two things this process has given me. Yet, one thing is certain. I love the Lord and I love gospel music. I’ve made mistakes and I pray those who really know my heart will forgive me and pray for me. Those who have supported me I thank you. Those who have prayed for me I ask you pray even more. Those who have said my weight, lack of education, my skin tone and my weave and eyelashes are too much or too little, please know I don’t think any of those things disqualify me from being used by God, neither do any of those things define me, so I’m not going to allow anyone’s opinions to do that either. I’m a work in progress, God is still working on me, and my faith makes me to know, God is not through with me yet! I love you all and again I ask you forgive my reactions. I’m not all they said and I did not do all they claim, but anything out of the will of God is too much, so as I have repented before God, I take responsibility for what I did do and say and ask those who know that process prepares to keep me in your sincere prayers. God is preparing me and I believe ” I Will Be Back”. Humbly, Tiquila Wilson


  1. No Tiquila you shouldn't come back, run from all this and hide from them. Please seek the Lord with all your heart repent and let Him heal you. Sunday's Best is not an opportunity from the God of Israel, He doesn't work that way, go and study your Bible for yourself. Fill your heart with His Word. Be honest with Him about your pain, hurts and insecurities. Fame will ease the pain only for a moment. Don't seek validation from men, they are sinful humans just like you. Your worth as a woman is in Christ alone. Please don't come back to this mess and hide yourself in the Lord.


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