Tasha Cobbs One Place Live!

Readers, Tasha Cobbs has posted enough videos on her Instagram account to make you want to go out and preorder her new album, and I did. But, I was kind of disappointed in the fact that I had to buy the whole album.  I am not one to buy an album with a lot of feature artists on it. So, when I went to iTune to pre-ordered the new project and found it to be in album mode only. WHY? Is this a common practice when it come to preorders on iTunes?  Why the album only mode?

Anyhow, according to social media the Grammy award-winning contemporary gospel music artist, really blessed the church house on Wednesday night with her wonderful vocals during a live recording at "The Greater Allen A.M.E. Cathedral of New York". She gave all the glory to God and led the congregants into true Worship and Praise under the Power of the Lord's Presence.

1. Immediately (LIVE)
2. Jesus Did It ( LIVE)
3. Fill Me Up (LIVE)
4. Overflow (LIVE)
5. Jesus Saves (LIVE)
6. One Place
7. I Love This Place (LIVE)
8. This Is The Freedom (LIVE)
9.  Sense It (LIVE)
10.Sense It (Reprise/live) Solid Rock
11. Put A Praise On It (ft. Kierra Sheard)
12. Christmas Praise(LIVE)
13. I'd Do It Again( Feat.William Murphy) 
14. Solid Rock( Feat. Jamie Grace)
15. You Still Love Me (LIVE)
 16. I Will Run (LIVE)

Featured artists on the album: Bishop Paul Morton, William Murphy, Kierra Sheard and Jamie Grace. The album is set to hit stores August 21st.


  1. I'll be the first to admit, I don't know much at all about this lady, nor have I listened to her music. I am only commenting on what is before me here and from the titles of the songs, and knowing some about the genre "gospel" music, I'll deduce she goes about her musical way as the other gospel artists. The titles alone suggests these are goosebump songs, with a little Jesus sprinkled in. And to know that she's achieved the world's greatest musical award (THE INFAMOUS "GRAMMY"), I would figure she has some dealings with many who are against Christ and the Gospel. KiKI Sheard on the album is also a red flag to me as well. There are tons of spiritual songs out there, if we seek, we should find. No need to flock and endorse a bunch of imposters, no matter how talented they are. Talent minus God is like a clanging cymbal, a bunch of noise...

    1. Now that is so true.

    2. I have to disagree. This album is pure worship and it's all about Jesus. Tasha Cobbs has a worshipper's heart and this album is a blessing to those seeking an intimate relationship with God.

    3. Look at the way she's dressed on the album cover. No way the Bible says anything about using music of her style to have an intimate relationship with God. You want intimacy with God, learn to love his commands and do as they say. That's the heart of a worshiper. Not someone performing for money, I don't care how they come across as sincere. It is said that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. And most if not all these artists have their projects produced by those who could care nothing about Christ and the gospel. And compared to other genre of music, most of them, except for a handful, are getting pimped, raking in almost nothing. You just can't mix the profane with that which is holy. One of their very own, J Moss admits that performing carnal sexually suggestive gospel music led to his fall into adultery.

  2. *yawn* Gospel music bores me to tears now days. So scripted....unoriginal..predictable...the sales reflect that I'm not alone in that regard.

    1. I agree 100%. Give the fact that people are struggling economically, they are serving care as to how they spend their money. Many were not spending their money on this mix (and trick) bag of music anyways.

  3. The sales reflect that gospel fans tend to bootleg copies of music, instead of paying for it, while on the CCM side sales hold steady because fans actually PAY for the music instead of always trying to hustle up something for free.

  4. People have always tried to get something for nothing. The fact is, people aren't interested in gospel music like they were anymore. Kirk Franklin himself said that. It's boring. They over saturated the market with those same-sounding albums and songs. Gospel is down 50%from where it was a decade ago and is still declining.... Just like the institutional church, but y'all want to hold on to these dead things... Be my guest. The problem is not the fans and listeners, the problem is the unoriginal, unsaved, wordly, lackluster, money hungry, tired artists the Gospel industry continues to prop up. People don't want warmed over leftovers and TV dinners anymore, they want something real. And 90% of the folks in gospel are saccharine substitutes and fakes, singing about a God they've never known.


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