Say What: Ben Carson Wants Nothing To Do With The Black Lives Matter Movement!

Readers, Dr. Ben Carson, who's trying to get the Republican presidential nomination apparently doesn't think he needs the black vote. At least that's what a lot of people are concluding as he continues to alienate himself from black voters and the black community. It's evident in his public disdain for the Black Lives Matter campaign. Carson told Fox News that he doesn’t agree with the groups' apparent strategy of forcing a meeting or their agenda upon 2016 candidates, by either disrupting or threatening to disrupt a campaign-related event.


  1. What's so alarming? Just because he doesn't want to be involved with the 'movement' doesn't reflect on his views on race relations. Whether we want to say it out loud or not, the problem with black destruction is ultimately a problem of self destruction.

  2. At least he let it be known up front (agree or disagree). Unlike Barry Soetoro in the White House now, who campaigned on "change" to bamboozled a lot of black folks into thinking #BLACKLIVESMATTER. Ben Carson seems to be a nice dude. Unfortunately, we all know the PONTUS is selected, not elected.

    1. True... But you can't tell Black folks Obama isn't who he say he is... Barack Obama is a character while Barry Soetoro is his true identity... He has all his records sealed by court order...

  3. Not a big fan but he is so correct about Black Lives Matter. They have yet to establish a real platform and would rather create hashtags on Twitter than come up with a concrete strategy that addresses the rampant killings not only by police but other Blacks as well.

  4. You all need to study Margaret Sanger and the New World Order. Black lives matter is funded by off shore foreign banks. Remember: 2 Cor 2:11.. Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices. The Bible is not just about Destiny, favor, harvest, and getting yo blessing! We are at the end of days. wake up...!


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