SAD: Why Some American Black Men Are Dressing In Suits To Survive.

Readers, in society today, dressing up has become a life or death choice.  I'm pretty sure Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr were both shot in suits.

Facebook Comment: No matter how you dress or talk, comply, argue or remain silent  if they want to do you harm, harm will be done. The reality is that there are people who intend to hurt you simply for daring to exist, there is no amount of reasoning or pleading with them. You must be prepared to defend yourself and others at all times and expose these individuals and their institutions as often as possible. There will be detractors, deniers, opposition. To do nothing is to abide. If you are for peace, assist your fellow man / woman / child / other in ridding society of the types who are harming others, this goes for racists, xenophobics, abusive cops, abusive spouses, sexual predators, etc. From there, the politicians and bankers who are buying and being bought should be next, regardless of party affiliation, they are hurting the country the most. A suit ain't gonna save you, there are people in suits just as harmful.
  What do you think?

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